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Vol 10 #3: Explaining Options When You Coach

Posted by on Apr 15, 2013

Explaining Options When You Coach

I was coaching a client, Cindy, about what to do in a particular situation. I said, “Let’s explore some options.”

She said, “Oh, options seem so formal. I want something less formal.”

I thought about it a few seconds and said, “Okay, how about some steps you might take?”

“Yes, I can see some next steps.”

One of the best things you can do as a coach is to help your coachee understand his or her options. And, some people don’t like the word “option.” What do you do then?
You can use the word “step,” as in “What step do you think you might like to take first?” Or, “What steps can you see?”

It’s a small language change. It’s still about the coachee’s options. And, maybe it’s not so scary or intimidating as options.

We coach people all the time at work. Sometimes, we coach formally, as I do. Sometimes, it’s less formal, as many team leaders and managers do. And, no matter how formal the coaching relationship is, you want to make sure that the language that you use is perfect for your coachee.

Once you have that language right, you can start talking about consequences or results that arise from these options or steps.

It’s all in how you present it, isn’t it?

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