About Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.

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I help you identify and solve the problems that prevent you from releasing systems, hiring the right people, deciding which project to work on next. I take a pragmatic approach: what will work best for you, now?

Some people call me a focuser. Some call me an accelerator. I’m big on action plans, short on theory, grounded in reality. If you can’t apply the theory, why bother?

When I work with people, first we define our goal together. Often, it’s to get a better product out the door faster.

I work with my clients to help managers figure out how to do the managing better, and how the technical contributors can contribute better, not to create a by-the-book system.

I work with you, your staff, and your current product development practices. Together, we learn what works well for you and what doesn’t. I believe in changing only what needs to be changed at the current time, to maximize your success. We work together to develop a blueprint for the future, and to build in capacity to recognize and implement change.

I’ve written these books:

I publish a close-to-monthly email newsletter, The Pragmatic Manager. I hope you decide to subscribe. I never sell my list. I’m lucky if I can manage one email a month.

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I’m very proud of my testimonials. Some of my clients have been with me since I started my consulting business.

My brief resume has highlights from my experience and education.

Why Group?

Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. is a woman-owned small business. (Just in case that matters to you.)

I incorporated in 1994, and have a virtual team of other consultants. When a client needs more than what one of us can offer, we work together.

When I started my company, I originally envisioned a group of consultants working under one company name. After I incorporated, I realized that I could sell services for a group, or sell and deliver with a virtual team. I chose the virtual team. I didn’t change the company name, because you still receive the benefit of my virtual team, even if we don’t all work for the same-named company.