Podcast about Manage Your Job Search on PMfortheMasses

I had a wonderful time speaking with Cesar Abeid, of pmforthemasses.com. We recordeded a podcast about Manage Your Job Search back in December, that is now available for your listening pleasure. See Your Job Search is a Project.

You can tell we both had a great time discussing the book. I’m so excited that Cesar added the book to his Resources page. Yay!

If you are a project manager or a program manager, consider adding his podcast to your podcast feed. He does a great job interviewing and his topics are fascinating.

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One Response to Podcast about Manage Your Job Search on PMfortheMasses

  1. Cesar Abeid says:

    Johanna, thank you for sharing this!

    I had a great time speaking with you on the show, and I’m sure my audience will benefit from both our conversation and your book.

    Have a great week!

    Cesar Abeid
    PM for the Masses

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