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Hiring For an Agile Team: Feature Teams All Over the World

On Managing Product Development, I say that feature teams all over the world are fine. But, how do you hire these teams ? One way is to go to that country, hire the first person yourself, and have that person … Continue reading

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Hiring For an Agile Team: Making Tradeoffs

In Hiring for an Agile Team: Who Do You Need?, I asked you to consider the kinds of people you were looking for. Yes, you might need developers or testers or BAs or writers. And, I suggested you think about … Continue reading

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Hiring For An Agile Team: Who Do You Need?

This is the start of a 5-part series: Hiring for an agile team. Let’s assume you are trying to hire for your agile team. Let’s assume you are in a location where you have candidates to recruit, that there are … Continue reading

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Series on Agile Recruiting Posted on Dice

I just completed writing a series on agile recruiting for Dice.com. Here are all the posts: What is Agile Anyway? How Tech Teams Manage Workload in Agile What the Heck is Kanban? Agile Culture and Recruiting–Hiring Geeks That Fit Five … Continue reading

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Hiring is a Team Sport

Shane Hastie, my sometime coauthor, and sometime co-teacher, interviewed me for InfoQ about Hiring Geeks That Fit. We had a great time, and the interview shows it. I hope you enjoy the interview. One of the things I say in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Networking is Dead

We all know that we need to network to find people to hire or to get a new job. But too often, our networking is random. That’s why you should read Networking Is Dead: Making Connections That Matter. Wilson and … Continue reading

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Article Posted in PragProg Magazine

Finding the Geek Who Fits: Five Tips for Hiring as an Agile Team is up in this month’s PragPub magazine. My colleague, Andy Lester, has an article, Being the Geek Who Fits: Don’t Forget That You’re Interviewing Them, Too. You could … Continue reading

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How to Show Agile Behaviors on a Resume, Starting with Collaboration

Back at OOP 2012, I gave a talk called “Six Behaviors to Consider When Hiring for an Agile Team.” These are all team-based, interpersonal skills that any team needs, but are critical on an agile team: collaboration; how to stop … Continue reading

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Make Your Job Ads Work For You

I recently worked with a hiring manager who was having trouble with his job ads. They were not working for him. The ads were not screening out the more senior people. They were not screening in the more junior people. … Continue reading

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Why a Bonus for Agile Program Managers?

I’m seeing ads for what should be agile program managers on LinkedIn. I can’t tell what these positions really are, but when they say “responsible for management of 15 scrum teams,” that’s an agile software program manager to me. But … Continue reading

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