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Do Your Ads Reflect Your Job and Culture?

If you are like many hiring managers I know, you don’t like to write job ads. You find them boring to write. When they are boring to write, many candidates find them boring to read. You don’t have to make … Continue reading

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Creating a Succession Plan for Your Technical Team

We often think about a succession plan for managers. But, if you’re not thinking about a succession plan for your technical team, you’re falling prey to local shortages, and hiring the same old kinds of people. You’re not getting diverse … Continue reading

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Three Tips to Streamline Your Hiring, Part 1

I spent the day consulting with a client who might sound just like you. He’s a senior manager in a small company. He’s overworked, trying to perform too many roles by himself. He’s the CTO, Scrum Master for as many … Continue reading

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What Traits Are Most Valuable in a Career?

If you read Thomas Friedman’s interview with Laszlo Bock, How to Get a Job at Google, Part 2, you see that these qualities are the things that Bock discusses: Grit, which I refer to as perseverance Adaptability General cognitive ability, … Continue reading

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How Do You Signal That You Are Ready to Listen?

I just read How to Listen. (Tip of the hat to Naomi Karten who tweeted it.) I’ve been saying for years that great interviews are collegial conversations. The interviewer wants to learn enough about the candidate to know: can the … Continue reading

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A Novel Idea: Hire the Unemployed

Did you read The Jobless Trap? In it, Paul Krugman asserts we are creating an underclass of long-term unemployed. This is what really stood out for me: This could happen because their work skills atrophy, but a more likely reason … Continue reading

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Creating Auditions for Senior Managers

If you’re trying to select a manager, you want one who fits your organization. I hope you’ve read my blog post over at Vistage. If you read the comments, you see I’m not into surveys or psychometric assessments. BTW,  I … Continue reading

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Avoid Mind Reading

Long ago, when I was single, one of my managers refused to give me new development work because I was dating a guy who lived out of the state. “You’ll go marry him and then where will I be?” he … Continue reading

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When Are You Done Answering Questions About Your Old Job?

In yesterday’s Globe, there was a question about How to cut ties when the old boss won’t let go. Oh my. If you weren’t sure you’d made a good decision, you know now you have. I actually think there is … Continue reading

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Committing to a Position

Recently, I spoke with a hiring manager. He wanted to make sure a person he thought was overqualified for a position stayed in the job for two years. (!!) He was asking candidates to commit to his job for two … Continue reading

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