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An Agile Approach From Job Offer to Start to Success

If you’re a hiring manager, you might think that once you’ve made the offer you’re home free. Not quite. Maybe you think that once your new hire starts, you’re home free. Nope. You don’t get to see the results of … Continue reading

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Recruiting Animal’s Review of Manage Your Job Search

Did you see Recruiting Animal’s review of Manage Your Job Search? It’s terrific. One of the things I like best about his review is that he talks about each section of the book and explains what he likes about each … Continue reading

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Manage Your Job Search Slides Posted

I gave my first public talk about Manage Your Job Search last week. I posted the slides and audio on slideshare.net. I cannot seem to unsync the audio from the slides. I have tried, but slideshare.net seems to think I … Continue reading

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Volunteering: Set Yourself Apart in the Hiring Process

Today’s guest post is from Melissa Russell. As a consequence of the recent recession, many people have suddenly found themselves either unemployed or underemployed. Landing a job in this climate can be a challenge for anyone, so finding a way … Continue reading

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Learn From the Expert: How to Correctly Answer the Hardest Interview Questions

Today, I have another guest post from Patrick Rosario. Take it away, Patrick! Job interviews are not something that most of us look forward to, and even the most confident of job seekers can fall prey to a case of … Continue reading

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An Alternative Hiring Candidate Funnel

Here is an alternative funnel, with what I hope is a better sense of proportion and scale. Your comments helped me a lot. Here’s the idea behind the funnel. You have ads that help your candidates screen themselves in or … Continue reading

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The Hiring Candidate Funnel

I like to think of a funnel as the way we bring candidates into the organization and through the recruiting process. The resumes are the huge intake. The resume review starts to narrow the funnel, the phone screen narrows it … Continue reading

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Interviewing for an Agile Project Management Job

Now, say you are looking for a job as an agile project manager. Some people might say that’s a crazy job. But hang in there with me for a minute. Imagine you have two or three teams, larger than two … Continue reading

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Know Your Previous Job Patterns

If you are looking for a job, it’s more important that you know what your previous patterns are, so that you can make a choice: Do I repeat my previous pattern this time? Without knowing, we tend to repeat the … Continue reading

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Ask Questions of the Hiring Manager and the Interview Team

In an interview, you have an opportunity to ask questions. Good interviewers will ask What Questions Do You Have For Me? What questions do you ask? It depends where you are in the interview process. First, ask about culture. As … Continue reading

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