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Article Posted in PragProg Magazine

Finding the Geek Who Fits: Five Tips for Hiring as an Agile Team is up in this month’s PragPub magazine. My colleague, Andy Lester, has an article, Being the Geek Who Fits: Don’t Forget That You’re Interviewing Them, Too. You could … Continue reading

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Six Behaviors to Consider for an Agile Team on Stickyminds.com

I have a column up on Stickyminds, Six Behaviors to Consider for an Agile Team. Please do leave comments there.

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Developing a Professional Portfolio Posted

My column over at the Fast Company/Inc hiring site is up. See Developing a Professional Portfolio. You can’t leave comments there, so please leave comments here.

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Rapid Ramp-Ups, Part 1

This month’s column over at the Fast Company/Inc hiring site is Rapid Ramp-Ups. I don’t think treating hiring like a project is new, but some people have remarked on that in the past. Please leave comments here.

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Make the Work Interesting: Column is Up

My column over at the Fast Company/Inc Hiring Center is up: Make the Work Interesting. That column grew out of Negotiating an Offer and Negotiating and Offer. (Yes, I mistakenly named two posts the same title. Must have been tired.) … Continue reading

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Interviewing New Grads

My most recent column for Fast Company/Inc’s hiring center is Interviewing New College Grads. Leave comments here – Enjoy!

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Employee Referral Programs

My column this month on Fast Company/Inc’s Hiring center is Breathing Life into Your Employee Referral Program. You can’t leave comments there, but please do leave comments here.If you have a working and useful employee referral program, please do comment, … Continue reading

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Column: Cultural Fits and Starts

My first column for the Fast Company/Inc. Hiring Center is up. See Cultural Fits and Starts. I don’t see a way to leave comments there, so please do leave comments here. Update: Oskar Syahbana translated this article into Bahasa Indonesia. … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned From a Recent Column

I was surprised by the comments I received on my Stickyminds article last week. Then I read Brian Marick’s insightful Tester who can script and I may have the words to describe my surprise and concerns. I was surprised by … Continue reading

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Phone Screen Article up at Stickyminds

My column, Detecting Great Testers before the In-person Interview is up. Leave comments here or there.

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