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Hiring Trap: I’ll Wait for the Best Person

A senior product manager had a great interview the other day. “I know the industry. I worked on the first generation of their product. I know their customers. I could do this job. I understand their problems. I showed them … Continue reading

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No STEM Crisis, No War for Talent?

Have you read The STEM Crisis Is a Myth? It’s a fascinating article. Bob actually has data, as opposed to my anecdotal evidence, now and dating back to my article from 2001, Crisis? What Crisis? A Contrarian Perspective. (For those … Continue reading

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Gather Data About Your Hiring: Recruiting Strategies

If you have not gathered data about your hiring activities, consider doing so. I find it useful to see how well I’m doing. This is especially important if you can’t find people and you want to know why. For data … Continue reading

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Is Your Manager Candidate Authentic?

One of the best things about the comments on my Vistage blog post is that they are getting my juices flowing. I’ve already stated I don’t like assessments, that I prefer auditions. See Creating Auditions for Senior Managers for more … Continue reading

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Creating Auditions for Senior Managers

If you’re trying to select a manager, you want one who fits your organization. I hope you’ve read my blog post over at Vistage. If you read the comments, you see I’m not into surveys or psychometric assessments. BTW,  I … Continue reading

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Hiring Managers: Asking About Integrity

I once said that Integrity is the Most Important Requirement in a Manager. I still believe that. But you can’t just ask, “How much integrity do you have?” That’s a leading question. Or, what if you are a company like … Continue reading

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My guest post for Vistage will go live on Jan. 8!

Vistage is a peer coaching and advisory group that “helps executives become better leaders, solve their business challenges, and get better results”. I have been asked to provide a ‘Quick Start Guide to Hiring Effective Executives’ and it will go … Continue reading

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Cultural Fit Trumps Competence? Maybe

Did you see Cultural Fit Trumps Competence? I don’t know that cultural fit trumps competence. I know that it’s critically important. For geeks, you need a minimum of technical skills and then cultural fit is critically important. I do agree … Continue reading

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Avoid Contributing to the “Global Epidemic” of Poor Job Fit

I read this article, “Poor Job Fit: A Growing Global Epidemic.” Julie Moreland, the author, says our hiring approaches neglects to account for an individual’s suitability for a potential job. … Research from Towers Watson shows that companies with high … Continue reading

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We Have Created Our Own Shortage Of People

John Sumser is writing a series of articles about the hiring paradox on HR Examiner. Read the first one, The Hiring Paradox (Skills Gap 1). The gist is this: It takes more time to hire when you have more alternatives. … Continue reading

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