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Are You Hiring for Helpfulness?

I was reading IDEO’s Culture of Helping. Especially if you are hiring for an agile team, you want to hire for helpfulness. Do You Have a Helpful Culture? Notice, that it’s not about expertise or competence. The most helpful people … Continue reading

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How to Hire for Cultural Fit Without Becoming Insular and Mediocre

Have you read The next thing Silicon Valley needs to disrupt big time: its own culture? If not, it talks about hiring processes where companies Hire people “just like us” Where candidates can’t tell they are on interviews Where, if … Continue reading

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What Does Your Interviewing Reveal About You?

Did you read When Did You Last “Shop” Your Candidate Experience? See the common complaints from candidates: Distracted interviewers Late or no-show interviewers Non-job relevant questions You don’t have to vie for a “Best Place to Work” award or a … Continue reading

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Job Search Trap: I Can Do Other Things Before My Job Hunt

As I give my talks about Manage Your Job Search, I ask people, “What traps have you noticed in your job search?” I hear all kinds of things. I’ve addressed a number of them in the book, and I’ll address … Continue reading

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When is “Hiring for Culture” Discrimination?

There’s a great post, Please: Stop “Hiring to Cultural Fit”. Laura Bergells explains the problems of what she sees when people supposedly hire for cultural fit: They consider for personality first They consider tech and business skills second If you … Continue reading

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HR Needs to Learn the Business

I just read Social Media is Paralyzing HR. (Hat tip to John Sumser, @JohnSumser who tweeted it.) I sympathize with Paul, who is sympathizing with HR. Let me tell you what I see in too many small to medium size … Continue reading

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Interview Questions for Program Managers

One of the top posts on this site is Interview Questions for Project Managers. I bet some of you are interviewing for program managers, too. Here’s a little guidance for how to interview for those jobs. A program manager is … Continue reading

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Series on Agile Recruiting Posted on Dice

I just completed writing a series on agile recruiting for Dice.com. Here are all the posts: What is Agile Anyway? How Tech Teams Manage Workload in Agile What the Heck is Kanban? Agile Culture and Recruiting–Hiring Geeks That Fit Five … Continue reading

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Are You Overspecifying Your Open Jobs?

Are too many job descriptions over-specifying what they need? I read these two posts: Shooting Ourselves in the Foot Isn’t an Effective Engagement Strategy and Top 3 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid. Both posts discuss poor job analysis. This is the issue … Continue reading

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How NOT to Look for Cultural Fit

I saw this post in ere.net, Do You Look for Cultural Fit or Innovation, as if you could somehow separate the two. Oh my, the confusion about cultural fit abounds. Let me set the record straight. Cultural fit is  NOT … Continue reading

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