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Hiring Trap: I’ll Wait for the Best Person

A senior product manager had a great interview the other day. “I know the industry. I worked on the first generation of their product. I know their customers. I could do this job. I understand their problems. I showed them … Continue reading

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Three Tips to Streamline Your Hiring, Part 1

I spent the day consulting with a client who might sound just like you. He’s a senior manager in a small company. He’s overworked, trying to perform too many roles by himself. He’s the CTO, Scrum Master for as many … Continue reading

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Recruiting Animal’s Review of Manage Your Job Search

Did you see Recruiting Animal’s review of Manage Your Job Search? It’s terrific. One of the things I like best about his review is that he talks about each section of the book and explains what he likes about each … Continue reading

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What Traits Are Most Valuable in a Career?

If you read Thomas Friedman’s interview with Laszlo Bock, How to Get a Job at Google, Part 2, you see that these qualities are the things that Bock discusses: Grit, which I refer to as perseverance Adaptability General cognitive ability, … Continue reading

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Job Search Trap: Spray-and-Pray

In Manage Your Job Search, I discuss a number of traps. A common one is “spray and pray” for your resume. Spray-and-pray is when you send your resume everywhere, without thinking of your target market. You are not perfect for … Continue reading

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Four Tips for Defining Your Value

I say in Manage Your Job Search and Six Tips for Editing Your Resume that you have to fill in the details of your resume. It’s the details that count. Here are four tips that might help: For every line … Continue reading

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Six Tips for Editing Your Resume

Along with my series about interviewing tips, I thought you might need a few tips for editing your resume. Here they are: Write a first draft of your resume. Write it in reverse chronological order, with your most recent job … Continue reading

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Six Tips for Answering Project and Program Manager Interview Questions

I have two very popular posts on this site: Interview Questions for Program Managers, and Interview Questions for Project Managers. Several of you have asked how to answer these questions. Here are the tips to answer these questions. Before the … Continue reading

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No STEM Crisis, No War for Talent?

Have you read The STEM Crisis Is a Myth? It’s a fascinating article. Bob actually has data, as opposed to my anecdotal evidence, now and dating back to my article from 2001, Crisis? What Crisis? A Contrarian Perspective. (For those … Continue reading

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Do We Have a War for Talent in Software?

I’m at the SHRM conference in Chicago this week, courtesy of Dice.com. I blog for them, and am working on an agile recruiting series. Watch for it, in the coming weeks. I read this piece, The War for STEM Talent … Continue reading

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