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Great Series on Hiring Testers

Do you read Rob Lambert’s Social Tester? He’s been blogging about his experiences finding candidates. Some of my favorites: Certifications are Creating Lazy Hiring Managers Here is a quote from that post: You cannot presume someone with a certification is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs

I just finished

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Looking for Jobs in the Wrong Places?

I just saw this factoid on Twitter: “Did you know that 62% of jobs are posted to niche job sites? Are you missing out on these job top boards?” from SmartRecruiters. (Thanks, SmartRecruiters!) I had no idea it was that … Continue reading

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HR Needs to Learn the Business

I just read Social Media is Paralyzing HR. (Hat tip to John Sumser, @JohnSumser who tweeted it.) I sympathize with Paul, who is sympathizing with HR. Let me tell you what I see in too many small to medium size … Continue reading

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Project Culture Reflects Management Culture

I have a post, What’s the Culture on Your Project? that discusses the project issues of the Romney campaign. But there is a deeper issue. If you read the comments in The Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job, there … Continue reading

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A Hiring Manager’s Starting Guide to Twitter

One of the things that’s so hard about hiring these days is that it’s so dependent on your personal network. LinkedIn is part of your network. Twitter has to be a part of your network. As part of the updated … Continue reading

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When You Have a New Kind of Job

It’s easy to hire for a “normal” kind of job, where you say, “Developer” and everyone knows what you mean. But what if you are looking for a new kind of role, say, “knowledge management” or “social media guru”? Those … Continue reading

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Committing to a Position

Recently, I spoke with a hiring manager. He wanted to make sure a person he thought was overqualified for a position stayed in the job for two years. (!!) He was asking candidates to commit to his job for two … Continue reading

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Waiting for the “Perfect” Candidate

I received a call from a recruiter-colleague yesterday, bemoaning a hiring manager who was waiting for the “perfect” candidate. “I’ve sent her 5 great candidates, but none of them are perfect. Doesn’t she have to fill this position?” Well, maybe … Continue reading

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“Raise the Bar” or “Increase Team Capability”?

I recently had a conversation with a gentleman at a conference, where he said they hired “to raise the bar”. I asked him what he meant by that. He started discussing the mean of the capability in the team. Well, … Continue reading

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