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Three Tips to Streamline Your Hiring, Part 1

I spent the day consulting with a client who might sound just like you. He’s a senior manager in a small company. He’s overworked, trying to perform too many roles by himself. He’s the CTO, Scrum Master for as many … Continue reading

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Book Review: Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs

I just finished

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No STEM Crisis, No War for Talent?

Have you read The STEM Crisis Is a Myth? It’s a fascinating article. Bob actually has data, as opposed to my anecdotal evidence, now and dating back to my article from 2001, Crisis? What Crisis? A Contrarian Perspective. (For those … Continue reading

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Project Culture Reflects Management Culture

I have a post, What’s the Culture on Your Project? that discusses the project issues of the Romney campaign. But there is a deeper issue. If you read the comments in The Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job, there … Continue reading

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The Power of a Loose Connection

If you read this blog or my Manage Your Job Search book, you know I’m a big fan of networking with loose connections. Those referrals are more likely to land you a job or help you find a candidate than … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Job Ads

If you’re a candidate and you are looking for a job, it can be difficult to deconstruct a job ad, especially if it’s a laundry list of technical tools. A lot of hiring managers use a form of shorthand to … Continue reading

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Waiting for the “Perfect” Candidate

I received a call from a recruiter-colleague yesterday, bemoaning a hiring manager who was waiting for the “perfect” candidate. “I’ve sent her 5 great candidates, but none of them are perfect. Doesn’t she have to fill this position?” Well, maybe … Continue reading

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Separate Internal Job Titles from External Titles

I recently met a lead whose business card read “Lead Phoenix Developer.”  I asked what that meant, and he explained that he was a technical lead for an project code-named Phoenix. His business card could have read “Lead Developer” or … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Testers Gone?

I spoke with a couple of recruiters this week. They’ve been specializing in finding test people for the last 10-15 years. (I used one of them 15 years ago, the last time I was hiring testers.) They both asked a … Continue reading

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What’s the Position Worth?

In my recent consulting (workshops and assessments), several technical staff and their managers have told me they’re not sure they are being paid what they’re worth. I ask “How do you know?” They tell me all the ways they’re working … Continue reading

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