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Survey on Job Finding

A undergraduate student sent me this survey about finding a job. I said I would post it for him. Here is the link: https://www.survio.com/survey/d/C8M4I3F8F9M7L4Y7S?preview=1#.VGjJg3Gqov1.gmail If you are looking for a job, please help this Italian undergrad, studying business in Lisbon. … Continue reading

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Great Series on Hiring Testers

Do you read Rob Lambert’s Social Tester? He’s been blogging about his experiences finding candidates. Some of my favorites: Certifications are Creating Lazy Hiring Managers Here is a quote from that post: You cannot presume someone with a certification is … Continue reading

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Job Search Trap: I Can Network Only by Going to Meetings

Here’s another job search trap: you think you can network by going to professional group meetings, mashups, informational lunches, and other kinds of what I call “background networking.” You need to do this kind of networking to expand you network. … Continue reading

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Job Search Trap: Stickies Everywhere Except on My Board

I recently met someone who thought he could manage his job search with yellow stickies. Given that I recommend personal kanban, I thought we’d be on the same wavelength. Imagine my surprise when he said, “I have stickies all over … Continue reading

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Six Tips for Answering Project and Program Manager Interview Questions

I have two very popular posts on this site: Interview Questions for Program Managers, and Interview Questions for Project Managers. Several of you have asked how to answer these questions. Here are the tips to answer these questions. Before the … Continue reading

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Looking for Jobs in the Wrong Places?

I just saw this factoid on Twitter: “Did you know that 62% of jobs are posted to niche job sites? Are you missing out on these job top boards?” from SmartRecruiters. (Thanks, SmartRecruiters!) I had no idea it was that … Continue reading

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Don’t Have a Zombie Profile on LinkedIn

Are you new to LinkedIn? Maybe you’re a new grad or in transition, or at the start of your job search? You aren’t sure what to put on your profile, so you don’t have anything? You have a zombie profile. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Networking is Dead

We all know that we need to network to find people to hire or to get a new job. But too often, our networking is random. That’s why you should read Networking Is Dead: Making Connections That Matter. Wilson and … Continue reading

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Volunteering: Set Yourself Apart in the Hiring Process

Today’s guest post is from Melissa Russell. As a consequence of the recent recession, many people have suddenly found themselves either unemployed or underemployed. Landing a job in this climate can be a challenge for anyone, so finding a way … Continue reading

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Learn From the Expert: How to Correctly Answer the Hardest Interview Questions

Today, I have another guest post from Patrick Rosario. Take it away, Patrick! Job interviews are not something that most of us look forward to, and even the most confident of job seekers can fall prey to a case of … Continue reading

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