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Hiring Trap: I’ll Wait for the Best Person

A senior product manager had a great interview the other day. “I know the industry. I worked on the first generation of their product. I know their customers. I could do this job. I understand their problems. I showed them … Continue reading

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Three Tips to Streamline Your Recruiting, Part 2

My client in Part 1, where we talked about streamlining your analysis, was also having trouble finding people. He needed to hire two developers. He just “knew” there was a boom in Boston, and could not hire more people. Well, … Continue reading

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Three Tips to Streamline Your Hiring, Part 1

I spent the day consulting with a client who might sound just like you. He’s a senior manager in a small company. He’s overworked, trying to perform too many roles by himself. He’s the CTO, Scrum Master for as many … Continue reading

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Looking for Jobs in the Wrong Places?

I just saw this factoid on Twitter: “Did you know that 62% of jobs are posted to niche job sites? Are you missing out on these job top boards?” from SmartRecruiters. (Thanks, SmartRecruiters!) I had no idea it was that … Continue reading

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HR Needs to Learn the Business

I just read Social Media is Paralyzing HR. (Hat tip to John Sumser, @JohnSumser who tweeted it.) I sympathize with Paul, who is sympathizing with HR. Let me tell you what I see in too many small to medium size … Continue reading

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Are You Overspecifying Your Open Jobs?

Are too many job descriptions over-specifying what they need? I read these two posts: Shooting Ourselves in the Foot Isn’t an Effective Engagement Strategy and Top 3 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid. Both posts discuss poor job analysis. This is the issue … Continue reading

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Gather Data About Your Hiring: Recruiting Strategies

If you have not gathered data about your hiring activities, consider doing so. I find it useful to see how well I’m doing. This is especially important if you can’t find people and you want to know why. For data … Continue reading

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Hiring Geeks That Fit is Done!

Hiring Geeks That Fit is done. You have choices for where to buy it: On leanpub, where you can still decide what to pay. On Amazon where I decided what you pay: Am I excited? Yes. I am now an … Continue reading

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It’s a Title, It’s a Cover… It’s a Book!

While I was in Sweden last week, my cover designer was busy, and I now have a cover, and a published book! Welcome to the updated hiring book: Hiring Geeks That Fit. Isn’t the cover great? I love it. This … Continue reading

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A Hiring Manager’s Starting Guide to Twitter

One of the things that’s so hard about hiring these days is that it’s so dependent on your personal network. LinkedIn is part of your network. Twitter has to be a part of your network. As part of the updated … Continue reading

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