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How to Ask for an Introduction or a Recommendation for a Job on LinkedIn

I have a large LinkedIn network. I have worked hard to build that network. I bet some of you reading this are part of that network! So it’s not surprising that I receive requests from people for introductions or recommendations … Continue reading

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Recommendations, Referrals, References and What They Mean

I’ve been on vacation and traveling, which is why I’ve been quiet on this blog for way too long. Sorry about that. And, I’ve been deleting numerous emails with the subject, “Are you taking on new clients?” which is a … Continue reading

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Networking and Recommendations

People often use my network to ask me for back-door references about people I know. Sometimes, I can help. Sometimes, I can’t. If I don’t know someone well enough to provide a reference, I don’t. For example, if I consulted … Continue reading

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Back Door References Can Hurt

Several of my colleagues are concerned by their “back-door” references, or unintentional references. They’ve gone on interviews, felt as if they’d aced the interview, were told “we just need to check references” and boom, they are out of contention for … Continue reading

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Using LinkedIn for Recommendations

While I draft an answer to George’s fake audition question, let me address Alex’s question about using LinkedIn for recommendations. I use LinkedIn, especially for coaching recommendations. I don’t know if it helps me get more clients, but I keep … Continue reading

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I Check References Each and Every Time I Extend An Offer

Jurgen surprised me in a comment, when he said that only the worst employees provided references. He said he doesn’t check references. I was astonished. I check references each and every time I extend an offer. I check references for … Continue reading

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Asking for References

Recently, a colleague whom I know from my writings and speaking asked me for a reference. I’ve never seen him work and I explained I could not provide a reference. He was quite angry with me. In Choose Enough References, … Continue reading

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Using Your Network

I found my first job with the help of an on-campus recruiter, and with a local Boston-area recruiter. I found my second job through the newspaper. I’ve found all my other jobs (all of them, including my consulting engagements) via … Continue reading

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Should You Provide an “Unintentional” Reference?

You’re interviewing someone for a position at your company. You remember working with that person years ago, and you were unimpressed. Maybe it was the jerk factor, maybe it was the way he didn’t quite finish work, or maybe it … Continue reading

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When are References too Old?

I recently spoke with a hiring manager who was unhappy about a candidate’s references, “All the references are for jobs 10 years ago. And he’s had 4 jobs in the last 5 years. Why aren’t there references from those jobs?” … Continue reading

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