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Assessing “Executive Intelligence”

Take a look at HBS’s Working Knowledge,Hiring for Executive Intelligence. Some quotes that rocked my world: IQ test questions don’t assess the practical, on-your-feet thinking skills needed in business. What’s more, these tests have been repeatedly accused of racial and … Continue reading

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“Tests” are Not Useful

Because the cost of a bad hire is so high, some organizations are resorting to a variety of psychometric tests to determine if it’s worth interviewing and possibly hiring a candidate. If you, like me, are suspicious of tests, take … Continue reading

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Auditions Are Not Tests

I had dinner recently with someone who said, “We put our candidates through the wringer. First we test them, then we interview them, then we give them another test.” I spoke with someone else whose manager wants an extensive role … Continue reading

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Match Candidates to Jobs with Auditions

Shawn Taylor, in his article Mismatching workers, jobs a costly mistake, (free registration required) has an astounding US statistic: employers lose a total of $105 billion a year by failing to recognize the talent that’s in front of their face. … Continue reading

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Brainteaser Interviews Showcase Lack of Interviewer Skill, not Candidate Expertise

John Kador, who’s written a number of books about interviewing and a new one coming out, has an article about brainteaser and riddle interviews on Darwin. Kador gives pointers on how to answer the questions, and if you’re a candidate, … Continue reading

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Down with Games and Puzzles

I had a heated discussion last week with a hiring manager. He was convinced games and puzzles helped him discriminate between suitable and unsuitable candidates. I told him I’d probably fail the games he had for project managers. “Uh, what … Continue reading

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