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How Pairing & Swarming Work & Why They Will Improve Your Products

If you’ve been paying attention to agile at all, you’ve heard these terms: pairing and swarming. But what do they mean? What’s the difference? When you pair, two people work together to finish a piece of work. Traditionally, two developers … Continue reading

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Do Teams Gel or Jell?

In my role as technical editor for agileconnection.com, I have the opportunity to read many terrific articles. I also have the opportunity to review and comment on those articles. One such comment is what do teams do? Do they “gel” … Continue reading

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Posted: What Is A Professional?

I write a twice-yearly column for Better Software magazine. The title of the column is called “Technically Speaking.” For this column, I decide to tackle the question of “What’s a Professional?” If you don’t already subscribe to the magazine, you … Continue reading

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Pragmatic Manager Posted: Time for a Decision

I published another Pragmatic Manager this week, Time for a Decision. It’s about program management decisions, and collaborating across the organization. Do you receive my Pragmatic Manager emails? If you think you are on my list, but are not receiving … Continue reading

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Scaling Agile? Think Out, Not Up

I taught the Influential Agile Leader workshop with Gil Broza last week in Edinburgh. (That’s why I was quiet. I was traveling and teaching. No time for writing, blogging or tweeting.) One of the participants asked me what I thought … Continue reading

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Spike It! Article Posted

One of my clients was having trouble with estimating work they had never done before, so I wrote an article explaining spikes. That article is up on agileconnection: Need to Learn More about the Work You’re Doing? Spike It! It … Continue reading

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Estimation and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

I’m not a fan of using schedule or cost estimate as a way to value the projects in your project portfolio. If you do, you are likely to miss the potentially transformative projects or programs. In Manage Your Project Portfolio, … Continue reading

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Overcoming Several Pitfalls of Agile Transition: Webinar, March 10, 2014

Join me for a webinar on March 10, 2014 at 7pm Eastern. My topic is “Overcoming 7 Common Pitfalls of Transitioning to Agile in Software Engineering.” I’m speaking as part of the Graduate Professional Studies Spring 2014 Guest Speaker Series. … Continue reading

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Cost of Delay: Why You Should Care, Part 6

I’ve outlined five potential costs of delay in the previous five posts: The delay from not releasing on time, part 1 The delay from multitasking,part 2 The delay from indecision, part 3 The delay from technical debt, part 4 The … Continue reading

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Cost of Delay Due to Other Teams’ Delay, Part 5

Imagine you have a large program, where you have several teams contributing to the success of one business deliverable. You are all trying to achieve a specific date for release. One team is having trouble. Maybe this is their first … Continue reading

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