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Managing the Stream of Features in an Agile Program

One of the challenges in a program is how you manage the checkins, especially if you have continuous integration. I am quite fond of continuous integration, no matter how large your program is. I also like short iterations. (Remember Short … Continue reading

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Do You Need Titled Architects for Your Programs?

My StickyMinds.com column, Do You Need Titled Architects for Your Programs? is up. Please do comment over there.

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How Agile Architects Lead

Lisa, Vin, and Derek in their comments on Agile, Architects, and Programs were concerned about how an architect might lead the test architecture work. They have good reason to be concerned. I hadn’t expressed how I see architecture working in … Continue reading

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Agile, Architects, and Programs

When I was on vacation, I realized that lots of people already know that we need development architects on complex programs. And, lots of people forget that we also need test architects on complex programs. The more complex the product, … Continue reading

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Musings about Agile Architecture and Agile Program Management

Bob Payne interviewed me about agile program management last year at the Agile 2010 conference and posted the podcast. We always have a great time talking, and that podcast was no exception. He makes me sound quite coherent! Matt Heusser … Continue reading

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Agile Program Titles

I’ve been working with and discussing agile program management with a bunch of people.  One of the big issues is: what do we call certain people at the program level? We need a program manager, someone who sets/explains the program’s … Continue reading

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Develop by Feature, Develop by Component, or Some Combination?

I’ve been working with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on an agile architecture workshop. I’m working with Rebecca because she has such a depth of experience in architecture, as well as design. She’s working with me because of my project and program management … Continue reading

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Musings About Agile Program Management

I’ve been working with organizations who want to move their programs to agile. They’ve been successful with small projects. But now, they want to make agile work with large programs, programs that involve hardware or firmware, programs with many pieces … Continue reading

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Is Your Product Development Half-Actions?

Via Jack Vinson, I found this gem: Stop doing half-actions. All of you who are separating your developers from your testers? You are doing half-actions. Separating the writers from the developers and testers? Half actions there, too. Even when you … Continue reading

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Architecting from the Features

I’m writing the portfolio management book, and I just finished a whole big re-architecture. I’m so excited. I realize most people aren’t that excited about a rearchitecture :-), especially not of a book in progress. But I am, because I … Continue reading

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