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Slides Posted from “Northern Hemisphere Conference Tour”

I spent the most recent four weeks conferencing. I had a blast. Because I kept traveling, I nicknamed this series of conferences my “Northern Hemisphere Conference Tour.” I’ve posted the slides on slideshare.net. Oct 24-Oct 28, I was in Vancouver, … Continue reading

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Learning Through Simulation

In June, I taught PSL with Esther and Jerry. We had a blast. So did the participants. Part of why PSL is so much fun is that we use simulations. With a simulation, you create a safe environment in which … Continue reading

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Creativity Flows in Person

I’m back from our AYE conference planning. I had a blast. The best thing, aside from being able to publish our program, is that we discovered that when we are together, the creative juices fly. For example, instead of two … Continue reading

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Learning or Working?

I’ve been teaching workshops for much of the past few weeks, and I’ve noticed an interesting pattern. I get great comments (and usually good numbers) from people who participate in the workshop. I don’t get many comments, and I get … Continue reading

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About the 2007 AYE Conference

  From time to time, I refer to AYE. It’s a conference several other consultants and I created back in 2000. We were tired of feeling forced into short sessions where it was too hard to convey how our topics … Continue reading

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Trip Report From AYE 2006

  I’m finally back home after 4 weeks on the road. Yes, I was completely nuts to spend 4 weeks away. My office is a disaster, and so is my email. (My domain name is being spoofed, so I’m getting … Continue reading

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Starting With Rolling Wave Planning

  Also this week, over at the AYE Conference, my Starting With Rolling Wave Planning is up.

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Are Your Managers Part of Your Team?

  I was talking with Don Gray this morning about our work on the AYE Conference. I’m the marketing chair, he’s the program chair. We were discussing the sessions we have so far, and I said we could put one … Continue reading

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A Couple of Links

  Just because I’ve been quiet doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. I’ve posted two project management templates, the project charter template and the project plan template at my Templates page. The AYE blog is up and running. I have … Continue reading

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Teaching Project Management and Management with Activities

  A couple of weeks ago (yes, I know I’m behind :-), Scott Berkun asked in Teaching programming / management the Harvard way“Anyone have examples of CASE or situation based courses for managers, designers and programmers? Undergraduate or graduate?” Yes, … Continue reading

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