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Change is Learning: No Silver Bullets or Quick Fixes

Way back when I was a developer, my professors taught me structured design and design by contract. Those were supposed to be the silver bullets for programming.  You see, if you specified things enough, and structured things enough, everything would … Continue reading

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InfoQ Interviews Posted

While I was on vacation in early January, there were two interviews posted on InfoQ: Ben Linders interviewed Esther Derby, Don Gray, and me about the Change Artistry book. I’m really pleased about the way the interview came out. Thanks, … Continue reading

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Do You Have an Emergent Project?

I just finished the electronic version of Manage Your Job Search, integrating my comments from my beta reviewers. I’m getting the book ready for print and audio now. One of my realizations is that a job search is an emergent … Continue reading

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Would You Take A Pledge to Not Speak at All-Male Panels at Tech Conferences?

I saw this post yesterday, A Simple Suggestion to Help Phase Out All-Male Panels at Tech Conferences. And, I wondered what I would do, if I was male. Let me provide a little more context. I had a conference call … Continue reading

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Influence and Authority Slides Posted

I delivered a keynote about influence and authority last week at Better Software/Agile Development Practices. I have also uploaded them to slideshare. For those of you who were not at the conference, I told a story about transitioning to agile … Continue reading

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What Team Does the Product Owner/Responsible Person Belong To?

In my post, When You Have No Product Owner at All, I said That’s because agile needs a responsible person who is not part of the cross-functional technical team to rank the backlog so the team knows the order of … Continue reading

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When You Have No Product Owner At All

What happens when you have no product owner at all? How does a team know what features to develop in what order? Several teams I know encountered this. They all had product managers. Most of them had BAs. All of … Continue reading

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What I Wish I’d Said for the Lightning Talk: 100% Utilization

I did decide to talk about how we got started on 100% utilization and what to do about it. I didn’t say everything I wanted to say, so here is what I wish I’d said: How 100% Utilization Got Started … Continue reading

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Adaptability is Key

  It’s been a tough week, and it’s only Wednesday morning. We’ve had a bunch of family illnesses — nothing deadly, but difficult to diagnose with long term effects. A very old friend of the family died. And because it’s … Continue reading

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