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Pragmatic Manager Posted: Time for a Decision

I published another Pragmatic Manager this week, Time for a Decision. It’s about program management decisions, and collaborating across the organization. Do you receive my Pragmatic Manager emails? If you think you are on my list, but are not receiving … Continue reading

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Many Slideshares for Your Reading Pleasure

I have posted several slideshares for your reading pleasure. You won’t get the pleasure of my humor, eye rolling and jokes. Nope, for that you would have had to hear me speak. In September, I spoke at AgileSoCal, and had … Continue reading

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Fixing—or Not—Healthcare Dot Gov

Did you see Dwayne Phillips’ post today, Adding People to a Late Project? Dwayne says: Adding people to a late project only makes it later. We have known this for decades. Especially in the article he refers to, it seems … Continue reading

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Gold, Silver, Bronze Comparison for the Project Portfolio Requires Collaboration

When I was in Brazil teaching the project portfolio workshop, one of the participants explained that his organization sometimes did a form of gold/silver/bronze comparison among the projects. Here’s how it works. Everyone wrote their project names on stickies. The … Continue reading

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Management Myth About Managers and Technical Work

My most recent management myth is up on Techwell, Management Myth #8: I Can Still Do Significant Technical Work. I see managers catch themselves in this one all the time. Maybe you do too. Maybe you disagree with me. Comment … Continue reading

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Management Myth #5 About Ranking Systems Posted

I have another management myth, this one about ranking systems posted up at Techwell. This one, We Can and Must Have an Objective Ranking System, I suspect will generate much discussion. Be my guest!

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Malware is Gone and All is Well

I’ve had a confusing couple of weeks. First, a nice gentleman who was considering my job search book (in beta) told me he was seeing potential virus notifications on Hiring Technical People. Well, that seemed strange. But, then another colleague … Continue reading

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Updated Agile Program Management Slides Posted

I missed one presentation in my last post. At Oredev, I had an opportunity to speak with the PMI Sweden folks (at least, the southern Sweden folks). I talked about Agile Program Management, and discussed my current thinking about agile … Continue reading

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Slides Posted from “Northern Hemisphere Conference Tour”

I spent the most recent four weeks conferencing. I had a blast. Because I kept traveling, I nicknamed this series of conferences my “Northern Hemisphere Conference Tour.” I’ve posted the slides on slideshare.net. Oct 24-Oct 28, I was in Vancouver, … Continue reading

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Speaking at Sept 19 Yahoo! Program Management Council

I’m giving at a talk at the Sept 19 Yahoo! Program Management Council, Managing for Collaboration. You might think this is a bit of an oxymoron: Managing for collaboration? But when you have programs, collections of projects where the business … Continue reading

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