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Context Matters: Premature Optimization or Habits From Long Ago?

I’m at the Much Ado About Agile conference this week, in beautiful Vancouver. During lunch one day, one of the conference participants started talking about premature optimization of code. Well, I know a few things about that. When I started … Continue reading

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Why Do You Care About What “Everyone” Else Does?

Jurgen asked me to help publicize his survey. Ok, I’ve done it. Now, let me rant about explain why I think surveys like this are not useful, and may be harmful. A survey does not take your context into account. … Continue reading

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Feedback is Context-Dependent

When I teach coaching or feedback skills, I teach them in the context of work. At work, as long as the feedback is about the work, or the work relationships, or it’s a question of safety, feedback is appropriate. Coaching, … Continue reading

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My Clutter is Different

On the long weekends, Mark and I make a concerted effort to clean up the house. That means I have to address all my little piles: go through them, recycle what I can, throw out what can’t be recycled, file … Continue reading

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Meetings, Project Portfolio, and Lean

I’ve been writing pieces of the project portfolio book, and was wondering how to explain how managers get caught in the trap of having too many projects. Then I read Joe Ely’s Minimizing Work-in-Process for Knowledge Workers, and had an … Continue reading

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Certifications Are for Cars, Not People

There’s an car dealership advertising a multiple-point certification for pre-owned vehicles. To me that translates into “checklist for used cars.” That’s what a certification for people based on book knowledge is also–a checklist that a person knew the right answer. … Continue reading

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Using Multiple Life Cycles in Combination on a Project, Part 1

I’m not a purist. I use whatever tools make sense for the context I’m in, and when it comes to organizing projects, I use whatever life cycles–in whatever combination–make sense to me. In response to a mailing list query, here … Continue reading

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Do You Think in Compass Directions or Postcards?

  Last week, at Agile 2007, I had a fascinating conversation about geography/directions with a colleague. I explained that I needed to visit someplace and walk or drive around until I really understood where everything was. He said, “Oh, you … Continue reading

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Beyond Bold

  I’m an assertive, bold, blunt, and direct person. I try to live within the bureaucracies I encounter, but I don’t always succeed. I’m at SD West this week, where I did a half-day tutorial Monday and am presenting two … Continue reading

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Adapting is Key

  Bruce sent me a pointer to this post, There is no spoon. I have to admit, I don’t understand the spoon part. I suspect there’s a reference to a move I haven’t seen. (Fellow writers: be aware that many … Continue reading

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