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Management Feedback: Are You Abrasive or Assertive?

Let me guess. If you are a successful woman, in the past, you’ve been told you’re too abrasive, too direct, maybe even too assertive. Too much. See The One Word Men Never See In Their Performance Reviews. Here’s the problem. … Continue reading

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If Managers Don’t Give Performance Reviews, What Happens?

There’s a great comment to my recent Management Myth: Performance Reviews Are Useful. The writer has these questions, which I have paraphrased: 1. How do bonuses work? Here’s the problem with bonuses in a team-based organization (agile or not). How … Continue reading

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Performance Reviews Are Not Useful; Feedback Is

I have received some wonderful feedback from some of my managers. Back when I was a young engineer, one of my managers gave me the feedback at an annual review that I didn’t quite finish my projects. “Oh, you mean … Continue reading

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Do You Value Management?

I’ve met many managers who were in the wrong position. Sometimes, it was the Peter Principle. Sometimes, it’s managers who have been founders or who have been technically great and got promoted into management positions. Because they are so intelligent, … Continue reading

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Nurturing Leadership

I had an email conversation with a colleague about when you let people fail versus when you rescue them—how you nurture leadership. The context is with people who are new to management, or new to a particular piece of work … Continue reading

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Building a Team Through Feedback

At Agile 2012, Lisamarie Babik and I led an experiential workshop called Building a Team Through Feedback. We didn’t have slides; we had a first draft of an article as our handout. We worked on that article, and now we … Continue reading

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Management Myth 6 Posted: I Can Save Everyone

Have you been in a position where you–or your manager–wanted to save a difficult employee? Maybe you felt as if you bent over backwards to save an employee? Don’t do it. In this myth, Management Myth #6, I Can Save … Continue reading

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Management Myth #5 About Ranking Systems Posted

I have another management myth, this one about ranking systems posted up at Techwell. This one, We Can and Must Have an Objective Ranking System, I suspect will generate much discussion. Be my guest!

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Overcoming Perfection Rules

I have a tough time with my perfection rules. I want to be perfect. I’m not, of course. I want to be. So using leanpub and publishing early and often pushes me way out of my comfort zone. Which is … Continue reading

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