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Personal Kanban and Iterations, Day 5

I am still making progress, although it’s more difficult to see my progress today. Why? Because I did not get as much to done. One of my readers asked a question about the Urgent queue¬† and the relative ranking of … Continue reading

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Personal Kanban and Iterations, Day 4

I’m still chugging along, making great progress. I took some interruptions yesterday, as many people do. They are not reflected on my kanban. They are in my calendar, which I am not showing you :-) A potential client emailed, asked … Continue reading

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Personal Kanban and Iterations, Day 3

I’ve been busy crossing work off my list. And, as with all of us busy people, I’m adding more work to my list. I feel as if I’ve accomplished a lot this week. It’s just about time to rewrite my … Continue reading

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Personal Kanban and Iterations, Day 2

I’ve made great progress on Day 1, and I wasn’t even in the office all day! You can see I’ve added more todos, at the bottom of my queue. I discovered two urgent todo’s. I had a call-back, to reschedule … Continue reading

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Personal Kanban and Iterations, Day 1

I use a form of personal kanban inside one-week iterations to finish my work and notice what I am not doing. I do this to maintain a cadence of blogging and to finish work. Did you notice that word, finish? … Continue reading

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Managing Programs With Agile and Traditional Projects

Imagine you are transitioning to agile. You are a program manager, with a couple of agile projects, and a couple of traditional projects. How do you manage the program? Here’s what a program team looks like. For the sake of … Continue reading

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Visualizing All the Work in Your Project Portfolio

I’ve been talking to a variety of potential clients about their project portfolios. One of the big problems is how to see all the work. Some of these folks have multiple kinds of projects, so they want to show their … Continue reading

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Influence and Authority Slides Posted

I delivered a keynote about influence and authority last week at Better Software/Agile Development Practices. I have also uploaded them to slideshare. For those of you who were not at the conference, I told a story about transitioning to agile … Continue reading

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Swarming Across Distance Posted at InfoQ

I have an article posted at InfoQ, Swarming Across Distance. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. You have to think about how to swarm. It’s not always intuitively obvious. Enjoy!

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Overcoming Perfection Rules

I have a tough time with my perfection rules. I want to be perfect. I’m not, of course. I want to be. So using leanpub and publishing early and often pushes me way out of my comfort zone. Which is … Continue reading

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