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People Are Not Resources

My manager reviewed the org chart along with the budget. “I need to cut the budget. Which resources can we cut?” “Well, I don’t think we can cut software licenses,” I was reviewing my copy of the budget. “I don’t … Continue reading

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Pragmatic Manager Posted: Time for a Decision

I published another Pragmatic Manager this week, Time for a Decision. It’s about program management decisions, and collaborating across the organization. Do you receive my Pragmatic Manager emails? If you think you are on my list, but are not receiving … Continue reading

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I’m a Management Expert on Twitter

I’ve just been named to one of the 100 top management experts on Twitter. See Keeping Up with #Management:100 Experts on Twitter. You have to page down under “Executive Coaching” to see me. I’ll return to editing my “Design Your … Continue reading

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AgileIndyConf Slides Posted: Agile Managers Essence of Leadership

I spoke at AgileIndyConf last week. I had a blast. Met lots of great people from Indianapolis, got to hang with people like Christopher Avery (@christopheraver), Ron Jeffries (@ronjeffries), Chet Hendrickson (@chethendrickson), Angela Harms (@angelaharms), Mike Kelly (@ michael_d_kelly), Joe … Continue reading

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Cheerleading? No. Courage? Yes

I have another management myth up over at Stickyminds. This one is Management Myth #11: The Team Needs a Cheerleader! I once worked for a manager who ignored all the problems we had, who said, “Let’s go, gang, we can … Continue reading

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Nurturing Leadership

I had an email conversation with a colleague about when you let people fail versus when you rescue them—how you nurture leadership. The context is with people who are new to management, or new to a particular piece of work … Continue reading

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Becoming a Leading Manager

My most recent post, We Cannot Choose Between Management And Leadership, has struck a chord. That’s the good news. The bad news is I have not defined enough terms. Okay, I’ll attempt that now. And, thank you, gentle readers, for … Continue reading

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We Cannot Choose Between Management And Leadership

I subscribe to a number of services that look for pithy quotes from Big Names, authors, and other people who are looking for publicity. I saw one about moving from manager to leader. Ok, so these are writers or reporters, … Continue reading

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Leadership, Management, Transitioning to Agile

I’ve been working with several management teams who want me to train them or their project managers to take over the agile training. It’s not unreasonable from their perspective—it’s how they’ve transitioned to all the other process improvement approaches over … Continue reading

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How Do We Compare Posted

I have a new column up on Stickyminds, called How Do We Compare? Years ago, people used to ask me about the ratio of developers to testers. Now they ask me about how agile they are. That’s almost always a … Continue reading

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