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Who Solves Which Problems?

Many years ago, I was part of a task force to “standardize” project management at an organization. I suggested we gather some data to see what kinds of projects the client had. They had short projects, where it was clear … Continue reading

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Creating a Healthy Project Culture

Glen Alleman seems to have nailed it, with Alert – Was Poor PM the Root Cause of ACA Difficulties? Among the many problems: No overall program manager No way for stakeholders to know what Done looks like (no release criteria) … Continue reading

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Deliver More, Realize Your Progress

The nice folks at ScheduleMailer interviewed me about how I accomplish what I do. They consider me a time management expert. That’s what project portfolio management will do for you. I thought it was funny that one of the questions … Continue reading

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Agile is Not for Everyone

Someone asked me again about self-assessments for their agile transition. That got me thinking about this problem of transitioning to agile. I don’t believe agile is for everyone in every circumstance. Some people claim agile has “crossed the chasm.” Certainly, … Continue reading

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Test Dashboard Article Up

I have an article about test dashboards up on TechTarget. It’s called How to measure test progress: Every picture tells a story. The article has pictures. If you want more pictures, see Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project … Continue reading

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Becoming a Leading Manager

My most recent post, We Cannot Choose Between Management And Leadership, has struck a chord. That’s the good news. The bad news is I have not defined enough terms. Okay, I’ll attempt that now. And, thank you, gentle readers, for … Continue reading

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Agile is Not a Silver Bullet

Agile and lean approaches, with either short timeboxes or explicit limiting work in progress and a focus on transparency works for many organizations. In the past few weeks, I’ve received a number of inquiries from all sizes of organizations asking … Continue reading

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Talking Work Podcast Posted

I had a blast talking with Raechel and Ty on the Talking Work podcast. I totally blew the trivia question. Oh well. I still had a blast! Thanks Raechel and Ty.

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Great Review of Manage Your Project Portfolio

Inez has a great review of Manage Your Project Portfolio. What resonated with me was: this book gives a more complete view of what is at stake when dealing with project portfolio management and will really help organisations to move … Continue reading

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What Should Done Mean, Coda

Last week at Agile 2010, Joshua Kerievsky and I facilitated an Open Jam session (open space) about what done means. We discussed a variety of points. I believe we eventually agreed that context matters. It’s important to know what your … Continue reading

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