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Why Cost is the Wrong Question for Evaluating Projects in Your Project Portfolio

I read Sayonara Sony: How Industrial, MBA-Style Leadership Killed a Once Great Company, and was struck by how the company appeared to make decisions—what will make us the most money now? If you make your project portfolio decisions based on … Continue reading

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Multitasking? Think Again

I have an article up on TechTarget, called Alternative project management styles are faster than multitasking. I had originally called the article “Multitasking makes you stupid-you have alternatives.” :-) There’s my Queen of the Career-limiting conversation thing going again. Would … Continue reading

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Agile is Not for Everyone

Someone asked me again about self-assessments for their agile transition. That got me thinking about this problem of transitioning to agile. I don’t believe agile is for everyone in every circumstance. Some people claim agile has “crossed the chasm.” Certainly, … Continue reading

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Gold, Silver, Bronze Comparison for the Project Portfolio Requires Collaboration

When I was in Brazil teaching the project portfolio workshop, one of the participants explained that his organization sometimes did a form of gold/silver/bronze comparison among the projects. Here’s how it works. Everyone wrote their project names on stickies. The … Continue reading

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How Much Will This Project Cost at Agile 2012

I’m giving a talk at Agile 2012, entitled “How Much Will This Project Cost?” It doesn’t seem to matter what life cycle your project has, someone wants you to predict the cost. The problem is, it’s the wrong question. But, … Continue reading

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Webinar July 24, Noon EDT Agile Project Project Portfolio Management

I’m speaking on July 24 for the PMI Agile community of practice, delivering a webinar at noon Eastern about Agile Project Portfolio Management. If you are a PMI member, it is free. Please do join us!

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Becoming a Leading Manager

My most recent post, We Cannot Choose Between Management And Leadership, has struck a chord. That’s the good news. The bad news is I have not defined enough terms. Okay, I’ll attempt that now. And, thank you, gentle readers, for … Continue reading

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Why Does Management Care About Velocity?

I’ve been talking to people whose management cares about their velocity. “My management wants us to double our velocity.” Or, “My management wants us to do more in a sprint.” Or, “My management wants to know when we will be … Continue reading

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Pragmatic Manager and InfoQ Video Posted

I have posted last week’s Pragmatic Manager, Are You Being Guilted Into Doing More?. At Agile 2011, I had a great video conversation with Shane Hastie about agile project portfolio management. The chair is big, I’m not so short. The … Continue reading

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Management Myth, Myth of 100% Utilitization Posted

I have an article posted at Techwell, Management Myth #1: The Myth of 100% Utilization. This myth has always been a problem. It’s even more of a problem now as more organizations transition to agile. People need time to think. … Continue reading

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