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How Pairing & Swarming Work & Why They Will Improve Your Products

If you’ve been paying attention to agile at all, you’ve heard these terms: pairing and swarming. But what do they mean? What’s the difference? When you pair, two people work together to finish a piece of work. Traditionally, two developers … Continue reading

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Pairing Helps

I’ve been working with Gil Broza on our teleclass series, Prevent Your Agile Titanic, both on marketing it and on its content. And it never fails, we have questions for each other almost every day. Sometimes I’m developing something and … Continue reading

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We’re Blind to Our Own Mistakes

  I maintain the AYE web site as part of my responsibilities this year for the conference. I post the news, the new articles, and do the general updating. Monday, I posted one of Don Gray‘s articles, Shifting the Burden … Continue reading

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Even Unintentional Pairing Detects Defects

  I was sitting on the couch was organizing a database last weekend, with daughter #2 sitting next to me. I was creating a script to go through each record removing a field’s contents and adding new contents to another … Continue reading

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How Do You Explain Pair Programming?

  I’m teaching project management (and some hiring) workshops in Israel. I’ve caught up with timezones, so I may even be able to post this week. I attempted to explain why pair programming works to some skeptical project managers last … Continue reading

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Clairvoyance and Pair-Work

  I’m working with Esther this week on the book. We’re editing (and continuing to pair-write and pair-edit). Today, one of the things we addressed were the comments dealing with the people we name in the book. We hadn’t done … Continue reading

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Managing Multi-Tasking in a Small Group

  A reader sent me email with this question: “We have a group of four people (3 developers and a tester). We work on 4 products, releasing one about once a month (each product is released once a quarter). The … Continue reading

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Pair Editing Works Too

  Esther and I have been editing the management book this week. We’re pairing to edit also – one keyboard, one file, two heads. It’s exhausting and fun. Here are things I’ve learned this week: We don’t have the same … Continue reading

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Initial Experiences with Pair-Writing

  Esther and I are working together this week, starting over again with the management book. This time, we’re pair-writing, and it worked surprisingly well today. We collaborate — and we have conflict, where the person at the keyboard says, … Continue reading

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Creating an Environment for Success

  Esther’s here with me this week. We’re revamping our book based on early feedback from our reviewers. We’re focusing on the core skills of managers. Of course, prioritization is in the book. In addition, we’re addressing how to speak … Continue reading

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