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Posted: What Is A Professional?

I write a twice-yearly column for Better Software magazine. The title of the column is called “Technically Speaking.” For this column, I decide to tackle the question of “What’s a Professional?” If you don’t already subscribe to the magazine, you … Continue reading

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How Short Can Your Program Charters Be?

A great way to destroy a program is to avoid writing a charter. When I do assessments or work with teams, I often find that programs do not have charters, or that the charter is too big, or is missing … Continue reading

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Are Loyalty Programs Helping or Hurting Your Product?

Mark and I visited his family in the Midwest. We used miles to pay for my ticket. Aside from spending 50,000 miles (is it possible to get a ticket for 25,000 miles? We haven’t in years), it cost $5 for … Continue reading

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Product Development Survey

  Every two years, my good friend and colleague, Brad Goldense, gathers research about the state of product development metrics. It’s that time again. Here’s the information: GGI

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Services to the Organization

  There are several questioning comments on my post Testing is Not a Service: What do I mean by testing and how do I reconcile my statement with the context-driven school of testing? Let me clarify what I mean by … Continue reading

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Testing is Not a Service

  I taught a one-day workshop at StarEast yesterday with Esther. I was astonished at the number of test managers who think testing is a service. Effective testing is not a service. Effective testing is an integral part of development. … Continue reading

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Beyond Bold

  I’m an assertive, bold, blunt, and direct person. I try to live within the bureaucracies I encounter, but I don’t always succeed. I’m at SD West this week, where I did a half-day tutorial Monday and am presenting two … Continue reading

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Implicit Requirements are Still Requirements

  I have an all-in-one machine, a fax/copier/scanner/printer, that I use for copying, scanning and primarily faxing. It’s fine fax machine. And it’s a great copier. But when I hook it up to my computer for scanning to a file, … Continue reading

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Why Do Some Testers/Test Managers Have a Siege Mentality?

  I facilitated a management problem-solving session at the STARWest conference yesterday. When I was debriefing the activities, one participant said he’s met a bunch of testers and test managers who had a “siege” mentality. He was surprised by that. … Continue reading

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Testing Design

  In Architects Must Write Code, several architects responded that I was too prescriptive (I’m summarizing their comments). Maybe. But I don’t think so. I’m in a nice hotel, where things just don’t work completely right. Yes, the hotel is … Continue reading

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