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How Pairing & Swarming Work & Why They Will Improve Your Products

If you’ve been paying attention to agile at all, you’ve heard these terms: pairing and swarming. But what do they mean? What’s the difference? When you pair, two people work together to finish a piece of work. Traditionally, two developers … Continue reading

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An Agile Approach to a House Remodel

You might have noticed I’ve slowed my blogging in the past few weeks. I’m fine. I’ve been a product owner/customer for our new-to-us house remodel. In the last several weeks, almost every single day, Mark and I have taken some … Continue reading

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Programs, TItles, and Business Value

I keep hearing a lot about “chief” this and “chief” that when it comes to Big Agile, aka program management. You know, chief product owner, chief architect, that kind of thing. I’m kind of puzzled. I thought agile was all … Continue reading

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What Team Does the Product Owner/Responsible Person Belong To?

In my post, When You Have No Product Owner at All, I said That’s because agile needs a responsible person who is not part of the cross-functional technical team to rank the backlog so the team knows the order of … Continue reading

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When You Have No Product Owner At All

What happens when you have no product owner at all? How does a team know what features to develop in what order? Several teams I know encountered this. They all had product managers. Most of them had BAs. All of … Continue reading

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New Manager, New Product Owner, Too Much Work

I recently spoke with a colleague who’s a little confused. John was just promoted to being the development manager in a small organization. He’s used to doing lots of work—whatever needs to be done, he does. Now, he’s managing 6 … Continue reading

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Agile Program Titles

I’ve been working with and discussing agile program management with a bunch of people.  One of the big issues is: what do we call certain people at the program level? We need a program manager, someone who sets/explains the program’s … Continue reading

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Multiple Product Owners for an Iteration

I’ve been working with clients making the transition to Agile. They are accustomed to a product manager “owning” a product, and negotiating for people to work on their product. Of course, that means begging, borrowing, stealing people from other projects … Continue reading

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Who Should Be a Product Owner?

At a recent workshop, one of the participants asked me this question, “We want to start a new Scrum team. But we are confused about who to ask to be the product owner. We have a choice of someone who … Continue reading

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Webinar Series for Orasi

  If you’ve wanted to catch some of my presentations but were unable to make it to a conference or one of my speaking engagements, you have three opportunities this fall that don’t require you to leave your desk. I’ll … Continue reading

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