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Reduce Friction

On the bike at the gym this morning, I thought about increasing my level. When I exercise, more friction is good. But when you develop or use products, more friction is bad. Brian Marick talks about  this when he speaks … Continue reading

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Context Matters: Premature Optimization or Habits From Long Ago?

I’m at the Much Ado About Agile conference this week, in beautiful Vancouver. During lunch one day, one of the conference participants started talking about premature optimization of code. Well, I know a few things about that. When I started … Continue reading

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Kill, Commit, or Transform Your Projects

Daniel wrote a lovely post, Kill, commit, or transform your projects over on praglife. Keeping projects around that are not staffed, multitasking on several projects (committing to none of them), and running away from reality doesn’t help anyone. The projects … Continue reading

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When Did “fill in the blank” Start?

On mailing lists, when I speak, in email, people ask, “When did ‘some principle, approach, or whatever’ start?” A long time ago. Timeboxes have been around forever. I’m pretty sure that when the Pharoahs told their architects to build a … Continue reading

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Projects, Products, and Finishing

Chris asked in his comment, how about using the word ‘abandoned’ for projects that are “finished”? I just don’t think of completed projects as abandoned. Let’s separate the product from the project. Projects complete. Products may never be done, but … Continue reading

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How Long-Term is Your Strategy?

I was thinking about the automakers, and how they want many billions of $ from Washington (please, noooo). I don’t know what their strategic planning is, but it seems not to have changed from the 1960’s. Certainly, when I started … Continue reading

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Abandoning vs. Killing Projects

John Cook, wrote a lovely post, Peter Drucker and abandoning projects, explaining how Drucker talks about abandoning projects. (John, thanks, I will definitely be referencing Drucker in the PPM book.) I haven’t been using the word “abandon” when I describe … Continue reading

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A Little More About Program Management

Glen Alleman has a post about program management, Managing Multiple Projects is Called Program Management which got me thinking. (I’ve written about program management in the past also: Program Management: Multiple Projects With Multiple Deliverables.) But in the portfolio management … Continue reading

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Breaking Free of Legacy Projects

If you’ve never been a victim of Medieval software project management, wow, I’m impressed. You don’t have to read the rest of this post. But if you’ve ever tried to break free of a legacy product/project, and haven’t been able … Continue reading

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Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great

  Want to save time on your next project? Improve working relationships? Understand what contributed to your success–or what didn’t? You’ll need a retrospective to do these things, and if you want a great retrospective, you’ll buy a copy of … Continue reading

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