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Why Focus on Continuous Integration for Programs?

I hope that  this 3-part series on how to move to continuous integration and how to evaluate if it’s worth moving to continuous integration on your program convinced you moving to continuous integration was worth it for programs. The reason … Continue reading

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New Manager, New Product Owner, Too Much Work

I recently spoke with a colleague who’s a little confused. John was just promoted to being the development manager in a small organization. He’s used to doing lots of work—whatever needs to be done, he does. Now, he’s managing 6 … Continue reading

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What You Can Do For Estimation

In  But I Need to Know When the Project Will Be Done, I talked about what you can do for estimating an agile project (do a gross estimate of the backlog, estimate your velocity, better your estimate every iteration and … Continue reading

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Interview with Ian Dees and Miles Forrest Posted

Ian Dees and Miles Forrest interviewed me about Manage Your Project Portfolio. We had a great time in the interview, and it shows. Enjoy!

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A Personal Retrospective on the Agile 2009 Conference

Last week was the Agile 2009 Conference. It was great. The stage producers and their teams had selected a phenomenal program, Elastic Communications outdid themselves as the event planners, and the volunteers helped everything proceed smoothly. Alistair Cockburn and Jared … Continue reading

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Starting and Finishing

I had coffee with a friend Saturday night. She said, “Our family has a tradition of starting many projects to see what we can stick with. If you don’t start a project, you can’t finish it.” She’s right. You certainly … Continue reading

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Getting Organized: What’s Different About Managers

I’ve written before about getting organized, especially when it comes to cleaning up my office. My breakthrough came the last time, when I realized I’m the kind of person who needs to see everything out that I’m working on. Same … Continue reading

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Courage Required

  I recently spoke with a manager who had too many projects and not enough people. (Sound familiar?) I suggested he organize two kinds of project portfolios. The first is organized with the weeks across the top and the people … Continue reading

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Flipping the Bozo Bit Back

  A new-to-a-company manager explained this situation to me recently. She’d overheard something like this recently from one of her team members. So you’re working in a place where it seems as if all the managers are Bozos. But you … Continue reading

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