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Who Solves Which Problems?

Many years ago, I was part of a task force to “standardize” project management at an organization. I suggested we gather some data to see what kinds of projects the client had. They had short projects, where it was clear … Continue reading

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Fixing—or Not—Healthcare Dot Gov

Did you see Dwayne Phillips’ post today, Adding People to a Late Project? Dwayne says: Adding people to a late project only makes it later. We have known this for decades. Especially in the article he refers to, it seems … Continue reading

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Similarities and Differences in Project Management

I’m in Las Vegas waiting to get on a plan to Los Angeles to go to New Zealand for SDC. I led a workshop yesterday for real estate project managers about how to define success and manage some of the … Continue reading

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Why Do You Care About What “Everyone” Else Does?

Jurgen asked me to help publicize his survey. Ok, I’ve done it. Now, let me rant about explain why I think surveys like this are not useful, and may be harmful. A survey does not take your context into account. … Continue reading

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Partial Commitments to Projects Create Unpredictable Projects

There’s a discussion on a mailing list about a partially committed-to project: there aren’t enough people on the project, the people don’t have the time to do the work because they are interrupted all the time by support of previously … Continue reading

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Catching Up is Not Possible

I’ve been sick for weeks, and am finally coming out of it to be close to healthy. (I was still coughing in the 8-degree Fahrenheit cold leaving the gym. Oh well.) One of the problems is that my work doesn’t … Continue reading

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Abandoning vs. Killing Projects

John Cook, wrote a lovely post, Peter Drucker and abandoning projects, explaining how Drucker talks about abandoning projects. (John, thanks, I will definitely be referencing Drucker in the PPM book.) I haven’t been using the word “abandon” when I describe … Continue reading

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Whose ROI Is It?

I was trying to address the issue of ROI (Return on Investment) in the project portfolio book. I don’t buy project ROI. First, the idea of a project for software is an artifical construct–our consumers buy running tested features, that … Continue reading

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An Attempt to Define Value

Jim, in his comment on Intuition is Not Enough for Knowing About the Project Portfolio, said: I am having trouble with the definition of the word “value” in this context. Do you mean showing progress, as in earned value, or … Continue reading

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Fund Projects Incrementally

One of the big problems in organizations (IT or product-shipping) is how to fund projects. I don’t believe in ROI (Return on Investment). I learned how to lie with ROI back in 1988–I can make the numbers be anything you … Continue reading

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