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Cost of Delay: Not Shipping on Time, Part 1

Do you know about the Cost of Delay? It’s the way to think about the revenue you can lose plus the cost of continued development. One of my managers many years ago had a back of the napkin approach to … Continue reading

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What’s the Culture on Your Project?

Now that the election is over, we have an opportunity to reflect on some of the project management and hiring practices. I’m going to blog here and over at Hiring Technical People because the bits are just too juicy to … Continue reading

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Similarities and Differences in Project Management

I’m in Las Vegas waiting to get on a plan to Los Angeles to go to New Zealand for SDC. I led a workshop yesterday for real estate project managers about how to define success and manage some of the … Continue reading

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What Should Done Mean, Coda

Last week at Agile 2010, Joshua Kerievsky and I facilitated an Open Jam session (open space) about what done means. We discussed a variety of points. I believe we eventually agreed that context matters. It’s important to know what your … Continue reading

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What Does Done Mean for Your Project?

One of the problems I see in projects is that there is not a sufficient definition of done. For agile teams, it’s not clear what done means for a timebox. For non-agile projects, the team may not agree on what … Continue reading

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When You Don’t Need a Schedule

I’m particular about two things: calling a prose plan a project plan and calling a Gantt chart (or yellow stickies) a schedule. One of my colleagues emailed me last week, explaining he’d spent a week developing a project plan and … Continue reading

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Implement the Most Valuable Features First

  Scott points out Software Product Delivery – 20 Rules? that you should do the riskiest part of the project first. (He explains that you modify that given what’s most important.) I’d add a further refinement: that what’s most important … Continue reading

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Lack of Failure is Not Success

  When I teach project management, I teach people to know what success means, and to know what done means (release criteria). One of my students recently emailed me: At work recently, we’ve come upon a scenario where we have … Continue reading

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Schedule Game #4: Hope is Our Most Important Strategy

  A few years ago, a senior manager called me. “We have a project in trouble. We started off hopeful, but now it looks impossible.” I asked a few questions, and discovered they had never done a project like this … Continue reading

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Schedule Game #3: Bring Me a Rock

  I’ve been talking to a beleaguered colleague about his project schedule. “No matter what date I give them (senior management), they want an earlier date. I told them it doesn’t take nine women to make a baby in one … Continue reading

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