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Posted: What Is A Professional?

I write a twice-yearly column for Better Software magazine. The title of the column is called “Technically Speaking.” For this column, I decide to tackle the question of “What’s a Professional?” If you don’t already subscribe to the magazine, you … Continue reading

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Transition to Agile, Large Technical Debt, Small Project

Many months ago, Rebecca asked an interesting question about technical debt in projects. She asked, How to start when there’s a really big mess? In that case, small, just being a professional clean-up acts may not even make a dent. … Continue reading

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Programs and Technical Debt

Once you have a program (a collection of interrelated projects focused on one business goal) and you have technical debt, you have a much bigger problem. Not just because the technical debt is likely bigger. Not just because you have … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Infrastructure, Technical Debt, and Automated Test Framework

I’ve had several conversations in email and with clients recently that have all been about this question: “What do we do about our infrastructure?” Either the project or the program has to create/update/upgraded their architecture or automated test infrastructure, pay … Continue reading

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Do You Have Feature-itis?

Feature-itis. It’s an agile Product Owner game. It’s when the Product Owner says, in his or her best George Carlin voice, “Gimme Features. I don’t care about no stinkin’ framework. I don’t care about no technical debt. I don’t care … Continue reading

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Musings about Agile Architecture and Agile Program Management

Bob Payne interviewed me about agile program management last year at the Agile 2010 conference and posted the podcast. We always have a great time talking, and that podcast was no exception. He makes me sound quite coherent! Matt Heusser … Continue reading

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Refactoring, Redesign, Time, and Transparency

I love it when my readers challenge and question me. Thank you, Sam and Paulo for asking the equivalent of “Huh?” for Refactoring and Redesign are Different. You asked great questions. Let me see if I can answer. For me, … Continue reading

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Refactoring and Redesign are Different

I’ve been working with people starting their transition to agile. They are all smart people—some of them scary-smart. And some of them are misusing some of the terminology. Some people are using the word “refactoring” to describe significant work, say, … Continue reading

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Technical Debt: Do Managers (Unintentionally) Force Bad Code?

I still have estimation on the mind. I saw The Impact of Accidental Complexity on Estimates and I was wondering about the effect of management on bad code. Do managers sometimes force developers to write bad code by allowing technical … Continue reading

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The Challenge of a Lightning Talk

I’m at Belgium Testing Days, and in about 90 minutes, I’ll be giving a lightning talk as part of a keynote. I  love lightning talks because I love to talk and I love the challenge of a 5-minute, go-for-broke, get-it-organized, … Continue reading

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