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Podcast about Transparency Posted

Tom Cagley interviewed me a few weeks ago on his Software Process and Measurement Cast. It’s posted now, as # 180. When Tom interviews me, he makes me think. This is good. I would love to hear your comments about … Continue reading

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Why an Agile Project Manager is Not a Scrum Master

A reader asked why the lifecycle in Agile Lifecycles for Geographically Distributed Teams, Part 1 is not Scrum. It’s not Scrum for these reasons: The project manager and product owner start the release planning and ask the team if the … Continue reading

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Reducing Your Own WIP and Yves’ Who Is Series

As a business owner, I have to remember to manage my own WIP, work in progress. Yves Hanoulle recently wrote about his own encounter with his wip limits, and what he decided to do it with respect to his “Who … Continue reading

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Failed Fast at Agile 2011, Learned a Lot

I prepare for my speaking and workshop engagements. This year, I’ve been all over the world. I’ve had a great time, and my clients and audiences have had a great time, too. Well, except for this past week at my … Continue reading

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Refactoring, Redesign, Time, and Transparency

I love it when my readers challenge and question me. Thank you, Sam and Paulo for asking the equivalent of “Huh?” for Refactoring and Redesign are Different. You asked great questions. Let me see if I can answer. For me, … Continue reading

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Refactoring and Redesign are Different

I’ve been working with people starting their transition to agile. They are all smart people—some of them scary-smart. And some of them are misusing some of the terminology. Some people are using the word “refactoring” to describe significant work, say, … Continue reading

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Might Three Backlogs Be Better Than One?

I’ve been working with several clients on their transition to agile approaches to their projects. They all have a common state: Many features to implement Huge technical debt Many defects They want to get a handle on all the work … Continue reading

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Position Statement for Panel on Agile People Issues

I’m a member of a panel Jul 23 for the Boston Agile Bazaar meeting, and am attempting to articulate my two-minute position statement to the question: How would you characterize your approach to handling people problems on agile teams? My … Continue reading

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Competition and Knowledge-Sharing

In Knowledge Management Needs to be Agile, Too, I said If you put people in competition with each other *in any way*, they will have dis-incentives to share their knowledge. John, in his comment on that post, said it seemed … Continue reading

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Why Everyone Needs to Manage Their Own Project Portfolio

John Cook wrote a blog post, Scaling the number of projects, that starts addressing the issue of why it’s everyone’s job to manage their own project portfolios. Here’s an example of the problem he’s noticed: It sounds easy to manage … Continue reading

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