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Peer Project Portfolio Coaching

Are you a tester trying to time-slice your way through 10 or 15 projects? Or a test manager who doesn’t see an alternative? Or, maybe you’re a Scrum Master trying to facilitate 5 Scrum teams. Or, a project manager trying to manage 3 or 4 projects. Or, a program manager trying to manage 2 or 3 large programs. Or, maybe you’re a developer trying to develop part-time for 2 or 3 projects, even if it’s driving you berserk. Or, you’re that developer’s manager, and you’ve got 5 or 6 more developers just like that developer, and you don’t know what to do. Worse, you are multitasking among your management projects, and you’re getting nothing done. You’re falling faster and faster behind.

You need to manage your project portfolio.

If you want to stop going in circles, get a handle on your todos, find a way to get some structure,  it’s time to try this guided learning and coaching, with support from your peers.

I’ll teach you how to apply project portfolio management, including how to apply ideas from agile and kanban to your work. You’ll learn:

  • How to collect all of your work
  • How to see your work
  • How to make progress
  • How to recognize the traps that prevent you from making progress on your projects
  • Lots of tips so you can apply project portfolio management to your work starting from week 1

You’ll finish your month with a working project portfolio and the tools to maintain it. After this month with your peer group and me, you’ll know the criteria for an electronic tool and if you want to use an electronic tool for your project portfolio.

You’ll track your progress and check in with your peer group. You’ll have the support from your group. You will know that you are not alone.

By the end of the month, you’ll know how to:

  • Say no to more work in a way that is politically correct at work
  • Slot work into your project portfolio
  • Make room for work that appears out of nowhere in your week, because emergencies have a way of arising
  • Break your work into small tasks so you have a chance of “getting it all done”
  • Realize what you can and cannot do in a week
  • Know what your personal traps are for managing your project portfolio
  • and much much more

This is the outline of the four-week program:

When What we’ll do
Before our first meeting I’ll send you pre-work to fill out and you send it back.
Week 1 Learn the basics of project portfolio management, enough to get started. Introduce each other, listen to each person’s issues. Take away some action items.
Week 2 Report to the group on your action items and what you learned. Share some coaching and develop new action items. We’ll learn about decision-making for your portfolio. Saying No. Some possible actions are to track your time, to journal, to try something new
Week 3 Report to the group. Learn about work that does not move and work that does move across your portfolio. What can you do in a week? Are you killing projects? How about committing to projects? We’ll discuss traps. More actions.
Week 4 Learn about common traps. Final action items and debrief.


Registration for Feb 2012 is now closed. If you are interested in this program for the future, email me.


Interested? We’ll start the coaching Thursday, February 2, at 2pm Eastern. Register on the store page.

This program is strictly limited to 12 people. No more. The regular cost is $495 per person.

Each registrant receives a workbook for our work and a discount coupon for Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects from the Pragmatic Bookshelf.

You can add individual coaching to the program: 4 additional private sessions ($1550 value) early bird price until January 8 is $1050. Then the price goes up to 1250 until Jan 20. Then 1550 until the program starts.

Want to do this with a buddy? I believe in pairing. Sign up with a buddy, and you both get the early bird price until January 15. One of you pays, and you’ll have to email me to explain who you both are. After Jan 15, the buddy discount goes away.

Leadership Team Coaching

Are you part of a leadership team who wants to do this for your corporate work, not just your personal work? Contact me. We can talk about what makes sense for you.

Have questions? Contact me.

Register on the store page.


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