Johanna Rothman — Management Consultant

Are you having trouble managing your product development or software projects? Or having trouble finishing work?

  • Are you swamped?
  • Do you have way more than 40 hours of work sitting on your desk—and that work has been there for months?
  • Are your projects overdue?
  • Are you trying to use an agile approach, and it's not working?
  • Do your products disappoint your customers?
  • Are you losing great people?
  • Are you having trouble hiring great people?
  • Do you want more agility in your strategy or in your management practices?

I'm a management consultant in all aspects of product development. I can help.

I've helped other clients understand the causes of what they saw, often with assessments or coaching. Sometimes, I support clients in how to work differently new ways of working, often with workshops and coaching, or as a trusted advisor.

I can help you learn and practice new ways of working. (My consulting is informed by theory, and firmly based in reality.)

How We Might Work Together

I always start with a conversation. What signals do you see? What outcomes do you want?

We craft an engagement that fits your needs.

When we work together, we capitalize on your unique strengths. We explore alternatives that you might not have considered before. Equipped with that knowledge, you can decide how to adapt your current practices. I can support you in ways that make sense for you.

I offer customized workshops based on my books for:

I also offer speaking engagements, assessments, consulting, and coaching services.

In Addition…

For your personal development, I offer writing workshops and a yearly consulting cohort.

  • A writing workshop once a quarter. See the Free Your Inner Writer workshop, offered quarterly.
  • A consulting cohort once a year. As soon as I finish the consulting book, I'll have a page for that workshop.

Want to see my philosophy in action? Read the Pragmatic Manager newsletter, the Managing Product Development blog, or my Articles.

Want to talk? Book a Meeting With Me.

You might want to check out my services page or my about page.

(Here's a link to Collection of My Rapidly Remote and Managing in Uncertainty Writing. I continue to write, so I'm updating it as I publish more.)