Johanna Rothman—Expertise in Managing Product Development

Would you like more ease in managing your product development?

You might have these concerns in your product development:

  • Are you concerned with losing great people and too-slow decisions? You can change your management practices (self, team, and leadership) to decrease waste and increase revenue.
  • Are you swamped with work, and don't see a way to stop multitasking? You can manage your project portfolio to decrease delays and increase revenue.
  • Are you seeing the results of the agile promise in your projects and programs? Instead, apply agile and lean principles, not practices in your product development. You'll get more experimentation and better delivery, for better products and more customer satisfaction. In turn, you'll get faster and more revenue from product sales and support contracts.
  • Do your teams have blind spots? Instead of look-alike teams, make diversity work for you. You'll see better and faster delivery of products customers want to buy.
  • Apply agile and lean principles to your personal product development. Become a better writer, consultant, and more.

Using agile and lean principles, you can learn to visualize the work, see the impediments, and learn to create testable solutions. Yes, I'm talking about management and leadership, not code.

Since your organization is unique, I use principles, not practices, to help you achieve the business and personal results you need. I've worked with startups to Fortune 100 companies, both in their Engineering and IT organizations.

You can create more ease in everything you do, as you learn and practice new ways of working. My consulting is informed by theory—and firmly based in reality.

How We Might Work Together

We craft an engagement that fits your needs, starting with a conversation. What signals do you see? What outcomes do you want?

Capitalizing on your unique strengths, we explore your reasonable alternatives. Equipped with that knowledge, you can decide how to adapt your current practices.

I offer many consulting services. Lately, I've worked more with managers as a Trusted Advisor. That allows us to explore many alternatives on your schedule, without needing specific outcomes.

I offer customized workshops based on my books for all aspects of product development:

For your personal development, I offer writing workshops and a yearly consulting cohort.

  • A writing workshop once a quarter. See Free Your Inner Writer workshop.
  • A consulting cohort once a year. (When I'm done with the consulting book, I'll put a link here.)

Want to see my philosophy in action? Read the Pragmatic Manager newsletter.

Want to talk? Book a Meeting With Me.

The Socials

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