1999 Public Speaking Calendar

Date Topic Location
Feb. 1, 1999 Reflections on Products and their  Organizations AWC/GBC Boston, MA
Feb. 16, 1999

Feb. 18, 1999

“Achieving a Repeatable Process”

“Defining and Managing Project Focus”

SM ’99 , San Jose, CA
Feb. 17, 1999 Problem Solving KLA-Tencor, San Jose, CA
Mar. 10, 1999 “Using Quality to Drive Product Development Processes” SEPG ’99, Atlanta, GA
Mar. 17, 1999 “Successful (Women) Managers” Sun Microsystems, Burlington, MA
Apr. 20, 1999 “A Problem-Based Approach to Software Process Improvement: A Case Study” Rhode Island ASQ Continuous Improvement ’99, RI
Apr. 26, 1999

Apr. 28, 1999

Project management panel

Peopleware panel

Summit ’99, Boston, MA
May 9-11, 1999 “Achieving a Repeatable Process”

Project Management panel: “Project Management That Works”

“Faster & Better? Concurrent Engineering for Software Projects”

Software Development ’99, San Francisco, CA
May 14, 1999 “Testing in the Dark: A Pragmatic Approach to Overcoming Undocumented Requirements” Star East, Orlando, FL
May 17-18, 1999 “A Pragmatic Approach to Software Quality” PNSQC Spring Workshops, Portland, OR and Seattle, WA
May 24-28, 1999  Paper: “Using Quality to Drive Product Development Processes”

BOF: “Life as a New Test Manager”

Quality Week, San Jose, CA
June 8-11, 1999 Tutorials: “Developing and Implementing System Test Plans” and “A Systematic Approach to Identifying Project Problems”

Papers: “Using Quality to Drive Project Lifecycles” and “Managing Test Priorities for COTS Software”

PSQT ’99 South, San Antonio, TX
June 16, 1999 Successful Engineering Management: 7 Lessons Learned” Electro ’99, Boston, MA
June 16-18, 1999 “Measurements to Reduce Risk in Product Ship Decisions” Testing Computer Software, Washington, DC
June 30, 1999 “Software Process Improvement and Managing Change” Eastman Kodak, Lowell, MA
July 9, 1999 “Metrics for your CMM Journey: A Second, Third, and Fourth Perspective on Measuring Software Projects and Process Improvement” TCQAA, Minneapolis, MN
July 13-14, 1999 Keynote: “Three R’s of Process Improvement: Requirements, Reviews, and Results”

Paper: “Defining Quality Requirements for Project Lifecycles”

InDoors User Group Conference, Orlando, FL
Aug. 26-Sept. 3, 1999 Apprentice at Jerry Weinberg’s Congruent Leadership Change Shop Santa Fe, NM
Sept 28-30, 1999 Tutorial: “Solving Technical Problems”

Paper: “Hiring Technical People”

QAI’s International Software Testing Confernce, Orlando, FL
Oct. 4-5, 1999 Paper: “Planning your Staffing Decisions”

Paper: “Managing Test Priorities for COTS Software”

9th International Conference on Software Quality, Cambridge, MA
Oct. 7-8, 1999 Tutorial: “Developing and Implementing System Test Plans”

Tutorial: “A Systematic Approach to Identifying and Solving Project Problems”

PSQT, St. Paul, MN
Nov. 1-5, 1999 Tutorial: “Discovering Requirements for Test”

Featured Session: “The Influential Test Manager”

Star West, San Jose, CA
Nov. 8-9, 1999 Class: “Achieving a Repeatable Process”

Panel: “Managing Projects in Internet Time”

Class: “A Pragmatic Approach to Software Process Improvement”

Software Development East, Washington DC
Dec. 14, 1999 “Managing Process Improvement and Change” IEEE Boston Management Society meeting, Burlington, MA