2001 Public Speaking Calendar

Date Topic Location
Jan. 25, 2001 “Test Management 101” Quality Plus e-Talk, a radio show
February 12-16, 2001 Tutorial: Recruiting Software Staff

Panel: How do you know when your project is in trouble?

Software Management Conference, San Diego, CA
February 13, 2001 “Software Quality Engineering, or, Who are Those Guys and What do They do Anyway?” Santa Diego section ASQ, San Diego CA
March 14, 2001 “Successful Technical Managers: What do they do?” HDI, Waltham, MA
March 15, 2001 “Recruiting Software Testers” Boscon, Burlington, MA
March 20, 2001 “Four R’s of Software Process Improvement: Requirements, Reviews, Retrospectives, and Results” Boston SPIN, Needham, MA
April 10, 2001 “What to do When the Right Person Doesn’t Come Along” IEEE MS, Burlington, MA
April 11, 2001 “No More Whining” Software Quality Group, Burlington, MA
May 14-18, 2001 “Release Criteria: Defining the Rules of the Game” Star East, Orlando, FL
May 21, 2001

May 23, 2001

Turorial: Managing Change

“How to Create a Successful Project When You Don’t Know What Success Is”

ProjectWorld, Boston, MA
May 29, 2001 Using Requirements to Create Release Criteria

Tutorial: Grace Under Pressure: Handling Sticky Situations in Testing

Quality Week, San Francisco, CA
August 6-10, 2001 Public Workshop: Management Basics Minneapolis, MN
August 29, 2001 Soccessful Software Management: 10 Lessons Learned Software Development Conference, Boston, MA
September 6, 2001 “How do You Know When You’re Done Testing? “ Quality Plus e-Talk, a radio show
Oct. 9-11, 2001 Management Practicum Boston, MA. Call me to register
Oct. 15-16, 2001 Tutorial: Life as a New Test Manager

What do They Pay You to Do?

Release Criteria: Defining the Rules of the Product Release Game

PNSQC, Portland OR
Nov 5-7, 2001 Feedback Lab

Management Improv

Writing Workshop

AYE Conference, Scottsdale, AZ