2010 Public Speaking Calendar

Note: This is so out of date I decided it was not worth updating it (Dec 26, 2010). Look for the 20111 calendar.

I may be in your area, giving a public talk. If I am, I hope you'll stop by and say hi.

2010 Calendar

Nov 7-11 We're deciding the program when we meet in January. Look for an update by Jan 11. AYE conference,Phoenix, AZ
Jun 6-11 When I sign the contracts, I'll post the titles Better Software/Agile Development Practices, Las Vegas
May 2-7 PSL A public workshop, email me
Jan 28-29 Tutorial: Becoming an Agile Tester in a Waterfall World

Keynote: Successful Software Management: 17 Lessons Learned

Japan Symposium on Software Testing, Tokyo
Jan 21 Webinar with Donna Reed: Pragmatic Project Management When I know how to sign up, I'll put that here
Jan 20 Teleclass: 3 Crucial Factors for Preventing Your Agile Titanic Sign up here

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