2012 Speaking Calendar

Jan 23-27, 2012, OOP 2012, Munich, Germany

  • Tutorial: Influence and Authority: Using Your Personal Power to Get Things Done
  • Six Behaviors to Consider When Hiring for an Agile Team

Feb 2, and each week for 4 weeks, Peer Project Portfolio Coaching.

March 12-14, 2012, Belgium Testing Days, Brussels, Belgium

  • Tutorial: Influence and Authority: Using Your Personal Power to Get Things Done
  • Keynote: QA or Test? Does it Matter? You Bet it Does!

April 18-19, 2012 Geographically Distributed Teams workshop with Shane Hastie, Pleasanton, CA.

May 7-8, Manage Your Project Portfolio. I'll be in Sao Paulo, Brazil, delivering a public workshop!

May 19-14, Problem Solving Leadership workshop with Jerry Weinberg and Esther Derby. Email me to sign up

May 28-June 1, I will be in Sweden delivering a series of public workshops

  • May 28-29 Transitioning to Agile for Testers, Test Managers, Project Managers and others who are not developers
  • May 30-31 Agile Program Management
  • June 1 Secrets of Successful Project Portfolio Managers

June 11-15, Better Software/Agile Development Practices West

August 12-17, Agile 2012, Dallas, TX

  • How Much Will This Project Cost?
  • Building a Team Through Feedback

Sept 6-11,  Agile Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • Agile Portfolio Planning: Managing Your Project Portfolio

Also workshops:

  • Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects

Oct 3, Keynote: Becoming a Kick-Ass Test Manager, StarWest, Anaheim, CA

November 4-8, 2012, AYE, Albuquerque, NM

  • Has Your Project Outgrown Its Training Wheels?
  • Replacing Management Myths
  • What’s Your Number One Project?
  • Improve Your Social Networking Skills
  • Reinventing Yourself
  • Congruent Coaching, a full day workshop