2014 Speaking Calendar

The places I spoke in 2014:

January 15, Manage Your Job Search, WIND North, Wilmington, MA

January 24, Improve Your Networking Skills, Acton Networking Group, Acton, MA

February 4, Manage Your Job Search, WIND West, Westborough, MA

March 2-7, PSL, Albuquerque, NM (this workshop is full. Let me know if you would like to be on the waiting list.)

March 17, 2014: Introduction to Agile Project Management, London, England

March 18, 2014, Coaching Masterclass, London, England

March 21, 2014, Manage Your Job Search, London, England

March 26, Manage Your Job Search: An Interactive Workshop, Agile Boston, Waltham MA

Influential Agile Leader, April 8-9 Toronto, Canada

April 30, Manage Your Job Search,  PMI Boston Career Day, PMI

May 5-9, Star East, Orlando, Florida

  • Tutorial: Congruent Coaching: An Interactive Exploration
  • Tutorial: Influence and Authority: Use Your Personal Power to Get Things Done
  • Talk: Exposing Test Management Myths

Influential Agile Leader, May 22-23, Edinburgh, Scotland

June 2-5, Better Software, Las Vegas

  • Tutorial: What Do Agile Managers Do?
  • Tutorial: Congruent Coaching: Choosing the Right Approach
  • Talk: At Least Five Tips for Improving Your Geographically Distributed Agile Team

June 17, Create Your Adaptable Life, June 17, Boston SPIN, Bedford, MA

July 2, Webinar, Manage Your Job Search

July 10, Panelist at Agile New England, Agile: Massive Success or Empty Buzzword?  <— corrected date!

July 28-Aug 1, Agile 2014, Orlando

  • Agile Projects, Program, and Portfolio Management: No Air Quotes Needed
  • Diving for Hidden Treasures: Finding the Real Value in Your Project Portfolio

Aug 26, Webinar, Hiring Developers Without Fear

Sept. 2, Webinar, Agile Program Management: Networks, Not Hierarchies

Oct 23, Webinar, Agile Hiring: It's a Team Sport

November 2-6, “A week with Johanna”, with Practical Agile, Tel Aviv, Israel, these workshops:

  • Agile and Lean Program Management (2 days)
  • Geographically Distributed Agile (1 day)
  • Agile Organizational Change (1 day)
  • Building Your Influence (1 day)

Dec 9, Webinar, Exploding Management Myths

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