2016 Speaking Calendar


January 27, Pragmatic Approaches to Estimating Project Schedule or Cost, ITMPI webinar

Feb 29-April 4, Practical Product Owner Workshop (a 6-week online workshop)

March 1-29, Writing Non-Fiction Workshop 1 (a 4-week online workshop)

Apr 6-7, Influential Agile Leader,  Boston

May 4-5, Influential Agile Leader, London

May 25-26, Becoming an Agile Leader, Regardless of Your Role at Path to Agility, Columbus, OH.

July 25-28, Agile 2016, Atlanta GA

Aug 23-Oct 5: Practical Product Ownership (a 6-week online workshop)

Aug 24-Sep 28: Non-Fiction Writing Workshop (a 5-week online workshop)

Sep 14: Exploring Your Servant Leadership (ITMPI webinar)

October 17-19, PNSQC, Portland, OR

October 24, AgileDC, Becoming an Agile Leader Regardless of Your Role

November 17, AgileDC Webinar, Agile Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization