Become a Successful Independent Consultant

(Cover coming soon!)

Do you want to consult with clients? You can advise, influence, and serve those clients so you both succeed. Do you want to be a successful consultant, not one who wonders where the next engagement will come from?

You can.

This book will help you learn what successful consultants do. While we each create our own consulting path, we can use principles to create a successful consulting business. You can achieve your desired outcomes, including the freedom to select clients and financial freedom.

Learn how to create your successful consulting business, regardless of what success means to you. You'll support and serve your clients, and create a life that fulfills you.

(This is the current table of contents. Subject to change.)

Table of Contents:


  • Part 1: Organize Yourself for Success
    • 1: Define Your Success
    •  2: Manage Your Calendar
    • 3: Define Your Unique Value
    • 4: Start Your Business
  • Part 2: Find and Connect with Your Clients
    • 5: Define Your Business Model
    • 6: Create Your Marketing Funnel
    • 7: Attract Clients with Expertise
    • 8: Create the Client Relationship
    • 9: Create Successful Proposals
    • 10: Set Reasonable Fees
    • 11: Maintain an Ongoing Client Relationship
  • Part 3: Create Your Context for Success
    • 12: Manage Your Money
    • 13: Manage Your Intellectual Property
    • 14: Collaborate with Other Consultants
    • 15: Maintain Your Health
    • 16: Adapt and Evolve Your Successful Practice
  • Annotated Bibliography

This book is in progress. The only way you can buy it right now is on leanpub.

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