Diving For Hidden Treasures: Uncovering the Cost of Delay in Your Project Portfolio

Diving6.scaled.300Are you trying to evaluate your project portfolio based on your project's schedule or cost? You may be missing your most valuable projects. Consider looking for value in other ways.

How do you discover your treasures in your project portfolio? Sometimes, it's by discovering your cost of delay or waste. in this collection of essays, we help you see alternatives to evaluating your project portfolio, other than project schedule or project cost.

Table of Contents:

  • Why do we care about the value of the project portfolio?
  • Planning and Controlling Complex Projects
  • Why Cost is the Wrong Question for Evaluating Projects
  • Estimation is Insufficient as a Basis for the Project Portfolio Evaluation
  • A Focus on Continuous Value
  • Cost of Delay Due to Not Shipping on Time
  • Cost of Delay Due to Multitasking
  • Cost of Delay Due to Experts
  • Cost of Delay Due to Making Things Right
  • Cost of Delay Due to Technical Debt
  • Cost of Delay Due to Doing the Wrong Things
  • Cost of Delay Due to Indecision
  • Cost of Delay Due to Not Starting
  • Cost of Delay Due to Features in Progress
  • Cost of Delay Due to Releasing Later
  • Cost of Delay due to Unsupportive Infrastructure
  • Cost of Delay Due to Other Teams’ Delay
  • Cost of Delay: Why You Should Care
  • Selecting a Ranking Method for Your Project Portfolio

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