From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams: Collaborate to Deliver

Distributed agile teams have a terrible reputation. They don’t deliver “on time,” and too often, they don’t deliver what the customer needs. However, most agile teams, have at least one remote team member. And, agile approaches are here to stay.

Don’t blindly apply agile practices designed for collocated teams. Instead, learn to use three mindset shifts and the agile and lean principles to create your successful distributed agile team. Use the tips and traps to help your team succeed.

Leave the chaos of virtual teams behind. See how to help your distributed team succeed.

The (Brief) Table of Contents:

  1. Distributed Agile Teams Are Here to Stay
  2. Focus on Principles to Support Your Distributed Agile Teams
  3. Avoid Chaos with Insufficient Hours of Overlap
  4. Identify Your Distributed Agile Team Type
  5. Communicate to Collaborate
  6. Create Your Collaborative Team Workspace
  7. Cultivate Your Distributed Team's Agile Culture
  8. Build Respect with Working Agreements
  9. Adapt Practices for Distributed Agile Teams
  10. Integrate New People into Your Distributed Agile Team
  11. Lead Your Agile Teams to Success

Each chapter has traps and suggestions for what you can try right now. We also have appendices explaining how we worked, the Compass activity, and the bibliography and glossary.

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More Resources

We offer online, self-study workshops.

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