Write a Conference Proposal the Conference Wants and Accepts

Do you dream of speaking at a conference? You want to share your successes—and maybe your failures. You can learn to write a conference proposal that has a good chance of being accepted. Instead of starting with the title, start with the outcomes. When you do, you'll craft a proposal that the conference will take.

Learn to:

  • Start with the outcomes
  • Create a compelling abstract
  • Invite readers with your title
  • Connect to your readers with your bio

While I can't guarantee the program committee will accept your proposal, you have a much better chance with these ideas.

The Table of Contents:

  1. Prepare to Present at a Conference
  2. Frame the Proposal
  3. Start with Outcomes
  4. Create Your Abstract
  5. Complete the Proposal
  6. Write Your Bio to Establish Your Expertise
  7. Hook Your Reader with a Great Title
  8. Understand Conference Feedback
  9. Consider Speaking at a Conference

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The ebook is available everywhere, now.

Yes, I'm planning to publish in print, and maybe audio, also. If you would like this book in audio, let me know. It's only 16,000 words, so it will be about two hours in audio.