Glossary for the Hiring Technical People blog. This includes Hiring Geeks That Fit and Manage Your Job Search, the terms for hiring and finding a job.

I sometimes refer to terms that might confuse you. If you have a question about a term, please email me. I will add it to this list.

Types of Interview Questions

Behavior-description question: A type of question that asks the candidate to use his or her experience to answer an interview question. These questions are often of the form: “Give me an example of a time when you…”

Closed question: A type of question that you can answer with a yes or no or a number. For example, “How many years of Java experience do you have?”

Hypothetical question: A type of question that asks how a candidate might behave in a situation. For the record, I do not like hypothetical questions. Why? Hypothetically I am perfect. The reality is quite different. Hypothetical questions are of the form, “What would you do in this situation?

Leading question: A leading question looks almost like a behavior-description question but leads the candidate. This question is of the form, “You have initiative, don't you?” Don't ask these questions.

Auditions: A type of interview “question” that is behavior-based and allows you to assess the candidate's performance as if they were at work. Auditions are not tests.

Irrelevant questions: Questions that don't tell you anything about how a person works at work. Questions of this type are “Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?” Or “Tell me how you would move Mt Fuji?” or any type of puzzle or riddle that is not behavior-based.

Meta-questions: These are questions about the questions. They take the form of “Is there something else I should ask you?”

Sourcing Terms

Sourcing: attracting candidates to your open position

Recruiting: Everything involved in getting the candidate in and hired.

Contract Recruiter: Someone you hire to find you candidates. You pay this person per your agreement, a significant portion of the employee's salary when the candidate-turned-employee starts working.



To find, interview, and decide on candidates, read Hiring Geeks That Fit.





To find a job, read Manage Your Job Search.

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